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A Question for our Japanese readers

maji [] 2008/07/09(Wed) 13:18:53:8qKTya+00
Why don't you like the FPS games?

Surely a love of firearms is something that transcends cultures.
maji [] 2008/07/09(Wed) 18:01:06:B95ssG5YP
I just don't enjoy killing humans and monsters even
in the virtual world, that's all. Frankly speaking,
the FPS games are too barbaric for my taste.
I played Doom when it came out 15 years ago and I was impressed
by the game play and the quality of 3D graphics,
but that's was about it. I haven't played FPS games
ever since.
maji [] 2008/07/09(Wed) 19:01:39:fGRiEDvd0
jap dont like PK
thats sucks
maji [] 2008/07/12(Sat) 05:22:40:hORbIE/C0

So you don't play anything that involves killing people or monsters. That describes pretty much every single RPG though.
2 [] 2008/07/12(Sat) 09:11:28:s0/uElNcP

Well, I don't mind playing RPGs, you know.
The problem I have with first person shooters are that
their graphics are often too gruesome. I just don't want to see
blood and stuff, and I certainly don't want to see people
being shot into pieces or their throats being slashed.

Here is my food analogy for you.
I suppose it's like I enjoy eating chicken but I don't
want to see video clips on how they were being killed
at chicken factories. I might sound hypocritical,
but it's true.
maji [] 2008/07/12(Sat) 10:27:44:hORbIE/C0

Pretty sure you're not Japanese, but blood and violence isn't what keeps Japanese players away from FPS games. This is because there are many very gruesome games in Japan that sell quite well.
maji [] 2008/07/12(Sat) 11:19:41:5cVulEvr0

Don't be an idiot. That's what's called a "niche audience".
maji [] 2008/07/12(Sat) 14:08:03:hORbIE/C0

Don't be an idiot. The Biohazard and Silent Hill franchises would have been dead out of the gate if they sold the same numbers that FPS games do.

Now would you please stop shitting up this thread with you fantasies that the Japanese are too proper to play games with blood in them.
2 [] 2008/07/13(Sun) 05:45:24:HHU5bL1oP

Hm, you are right in that there are some fairly gruesome
games here in Japan. I don't play them because
I find them rather distasteful, but I know
Biohazard and Silent Hill are quite popular.

Now, I am dating myself here, but I was an avid gamer
when I was a teenager, and that was almost 15 years ago.
My first computer was NEC PC-8001 mk II with 64KB of RAM I got in 1984,
the best PC game for me is Y's II I played on my father's
PC-98 in 1988, and I was fairly good at Street Fighter II
that came out in 1991ish. I am not going to bother you
with all the boring details which I am sure you have no idea about,
but my point is that video games in Japan back then didn't contain
as much violence as games today, and there are significant
generational differences between today's gamers and gamers
back then in terms of their mindsets and preferences.

Going back to the main topic, which is the lack of acceptance and
popularity of FPS games in Japan, another explanation I could offer
is that there is no gun culture here in Japan, and only the police
(and mafias) have access to real firearms, which is a good thing IMHO.
We do have miriota ("military otakus"), of course, but there just aren't
too many of them, and they can only play with plastic toy guns.

These two factors, that is, a lack of interests in violent video games
among older Japanese gamers and the absence of gun culture in Japan
pretty much explain why FPS games are not as popular in Japan as
in the United States. These are just my two cents on Japanese gaming
culture, though. What do you think?
maji [] 2008/07/13(Sun) 07:35:02:JJndLFcg0

Ah, damn. You're definitely right and I was mistaken.
In my defense, I was thinking of...a different sort of game.
maji [] 2008/07/13(Sun) 08:03:03:Eb1fQNj40

>What do you think?
I don't think you're Japanese. First, your english is perfect,
and your grasp of english slang, internet abbreviations, and seeming obliviousness
to the fact that lots of Japanese people buy games about guns and blood,
reveal you as the weaboo as you are.
Additionally, I doubt the views on guns have anything to do
with the unpopularity of FPS games.

Its obvious that there are tons of popular Japanese games that glorify guns.
If shooting was something that didn't appeal at all to
Japanese audiences, then they wouldn't be implemented
in Japan's long franchises of third-person shooters,
survival horror games, arcade shooters, and RPGs.

For example, based on what I have read, GTA: San Andreas sold well
in its first week of release in Japan. Despite the fact
that there are a number of FPS games that surpass San Andreas
in quality, artistic value, and dare I say "class", none of them
has sold nearly as many copies.
maji [] 2008/07/13(Sun) 08:16:48:Eb1fQNj40
To continue:

since this thread hasn't really been giving me any answers,
I've tried to do some more research on the web. FPS games aren't popular
at all in Japan, for a few reasons. As stated earlier, its not the blood
and the guns that disinterest the Japanese gaming audience, rather
it must be some other factors unique to the FPS genre itself.

There has always been a rumor that the Japanese don't like FPS
games because it gives them motion-sickness. I doubt this is true.
But, I have seen some Japanese game directors comment about the FPS genre.
They have said that FPS games are "too open-ended", and that while western
gamers prefer to figure things out by themselves as they go along, Japanese gamers prefer
more tutorials. Additionally, a recent poll taken in Famitsu
asked gamers why they aren't interested in FPS games. The majority
of respondents said that, "They didn't know what to do". A second factor that I've seen mentioned is a matter of
immersion. In many FPS games, the character you play as is often one without a face
or personality, because its supposed to represent the gamer. Western gamers tend
to place themselves into the shoes of the main protagonist, whereas Japanese gamers
tend to root behind the main protagonist, which the FPS genre often lacks.
The third factor is one that applies to western games in general.
When making games, Japanese developers put more emphasis on graphics
and debugging, whereas western developers put more emphasis on quantity, content,
and creating new features. As a result, a lot of western games
have an "unpolished" look to them that drive away many Japanese consumers.
There are some things that western audiences are willing to tolerate and ignore,
such as clipping and glitches and limbs going through walls. However these kinds of things
aren't as acceptable in the Japanese gaming market.

So there.
American Unko [] 2008/07/14(Mon) 02:05:57:aRdLJuFz0
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.V,,..;::;;;::,;,::;):;:;:; .:v_._ .,_,,v_,,r_,V
maji [] 2008/07/14(Mon) 02:49:24:ZjVLKoqf0

>I don't think you're Japanese. First, your english is perfect,
and your grasp of english slang, internet abbreviations, and seeming obliviousness

Your reasoning is absolutely flawless.

Not Japanese but I don't particularly like FPS games the only one I enjoyed was Portal.
If I managed to get past the nauseating feeling the games give me I found myself being put off by the mindless killing.
That doesn't mean I don't like gore. I just don't like shooting something for hours and have no plot development whatsoever and a strong plot isn't usually found in an FPS so that's why I just don't play them.
maji [] 2008/07/14(Mon) 13:20:58:Zrc5ZGbI0
>Not Japanese

maji [] 2008/07/14(Mon) 13:55:35:CKpgab1l0

Go to the Japanese video game board then. I'm sure there's one.
maji [] 2008/07/14(Mon) 14:25:39:UWezQJND0
you wrote too long
don't exceed 3 lines
2 [sage] 2008/07/14(Mon) 15:16:55:emABr0xp0
I just can't believe you still don't think I am Japanese and all.
Hold on.
2 [] 2008/07/14(Mon) 16:12:29:wbU1xdAQP
Alright, here is proof for you that I am Japanese:
If this doesn't work, I don't know what does.

> I don't think you're Japanese. First, your english is perfect,
I suppose I should take this as a complement for my command
of the English language. You know, we, the lowly Japs,
do have these things called brains and can figure things out :-)

I just talked to my otaku sister about FPS games. She told me
she didn't like them because they usually lack good story lines.
She also pointed out that Biohazard and Silent Hill have
great character and plot development, and that's why she love them.
I suppose her comment is consistent with the point you brought
up in that FPS games are too open-ended for the Japanese audience.
I would say that for the Japanese, playing video games is akin to
reading novels.
2 [] 2008/07/14(Mon) 16:23:09:wbU1xdAQP
Wait, why did my ID change?
Oh well, you can still see my ID in appear in the photo.
It's just too bad that the trip thing doesn't work on dejima.
American Unko [] 2008/07/14(Mon) 23:35:33:Big6HeAl0
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.V,,..;::;;;::,;,::;):;:;:; .:v_._ .,_,,v_,,r_,V
maji [sage] 2008/07/29(Tue) 08:39:06:tLnRxgO30
how do you post on 2ch?
maji [] 2008/08/23(Sat) 18:22:38:PHp5Jf9I0
i once absorbed in UT99 but recent FPSs are all purely shit
maji [] 2008/09/08(Mon) 17:39:48:WlO/5oWDO
Xbox 360 is awesome. ps3 is crap HAHAHAHAHA.


Let's buy the 360, and you will be happy.
maji [] 2008/09/10(Wed) 09:21:41:qJ18PL2b0

Your sister sounds hot.
maji [] 2008/09/11(Thu) 00:20:26:dfPHUD5+0
>she didn't like them because they usually lack good story lines.

FPSs that try to have a story are the worst. No video game has ever had a good story. Most FPSs like Counter-Strike or Quake 3 Arena don't have stories and it makes them great. I don't really care about the rest of the thread.
maji [] 2008/09/11(Thu) 04:57:22:fEDOh1jx0
Some video games have good stories.
maji [sage] 2008/09/12(Fri) 06:30:07:Pk+h9R3yO
I'm looking forward to GoW 2
maji [sage] 2008/09/19(Fri) 16:46:42:O19T+psW0
The reason is quite obvious to me.
They don't like FPS (and RTS) games because they don't have much experience playing them on PC.
PC game market in Japan is just full of porn games and nothing else.
maji [sage] 2008/12/31(Wed) 01:00:00:SZBBmz0t0
Brits must remember the crimes below
before criticizing Japan's past

# Beijing massacre in 1900 (Boxer rebellion)
# Opium War
# Unequal treaties impositioned against Meiji Japan
# Mutilation spree of Bengali cotton workers' hands
# 6 million deaths of Indians by exploitation and man-made famines
# Rape and murder of Burmese royal family
# Boer Wars and abuse, slaughter at the Concentration Camp
# Aborigine holocaust
# Boming of Dresden
# Native Fijians holocaust
# Nuclear Bomb Test at the Aborigine habitats in Australia
# Whale massacre in the Antarctic and Bonin waters
# Selling arms and instigating further massacre in Nigerian Civil War
# Iraq Invasion

You all are sons of criminals, fucking bloody Brits.
Britain is the worst atrocity-ridden country in the world and of all time.

You know what the Bible says about hypocrisy?
"Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye;
and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye."
maji [] 2009/03/24(Tue) 13:00:57:KtF4oO+Z0
Eh? And you think the Japanese are angels sent from heaven?
Have you forgotten World War 2? And who here ever criticized
Japan's past?

You know what the Bible says about hypocrisy?
"Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye;
and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye."
maji [] 2009/07/13(Mon) 09:06:26:bRxdudAO0
Japanese leaders are papets of U.S.A.

Daisaku Ikeda Finance les Operations de Cocaine de Manuel Noriega
maji [sage] 2009/07/13(Mon) 22:52:58:PYYER4Kx0

U.S.A. leaders are papets of Japan
maji [] 2009/07/14(Tue) 19:28:57:Ixo6hjER0
are you serious?
maji [] 2009/07/14(Tue) 21:53:57:30Cxpf0Q0

This is the first sensible answer I've gotten in this thread, thank you
maji [] 2009/07/25(Sat) 08:28:36:3kt43Wjx0
Unco is bitter and delicious.
maji [sage] 2009/07/27(Mon) 21:00:18:mWDygHQS0
maji [sage] 2009/08/06(Thu) 19:54:53:Tu7qcJqW0
i don't like fps much because i don't like the 1st person view
although i really enjoyed golden eye
maji [sage] 2009/08/29(Sat) 09:23:26:OccFkKHV0
We play TF2 maybe on JPN HIMTSUKICHI server
maji [] 2009/12/27(Sun) 17:47:30:xVPQ4IbX0
I'm japanese, but why don't most japanese people like FPS?
I enjoy them, and have made MODs.
maji [] 2009/12/27(Sun) 21:22:18:wO4bU0Z70
chinese de ok?
maji [sage] 2009/12/28(Mon) 16:03:03:Qx6+SYJxO
maji [] 2010/04/12(Mon) 13:19:46:fK0SjN4P0
> first person shooters do not have interesting stories

For the most part, I agree with this sentiment - that is to say, a FPS
does not need to have an involving (or even existent) story to be
considered good. However, there are a handful of first person shooters
out there with fascinating stories and settings that I think people
are missing out on - even in the US, most people haven't heard of
titles like this. Whether or not you like FPS, I'd personally recommend
the following titles, if you can find a place to pirate them:

System Shock
System Shock 2
Deus Ex

All of three of these titles incorporate varying elements of RPGs,
so it's not like they're completely "FUCK YEAR, MANLY SHOOTING ACTION
GAMES" either, if that turns you off.

Oh, and I feel kind of dumb for bumping a four month old thread, but
this place seems pretty dead anyways, I don't think anyone will mind...
maji [] 2010/04/12(Mon) 22:56:08:zTLJM6hV0


maji [] 2010/04/13(Tue) 09:21:33:Kg0+AV0a0

Ok, I will. Before I leave, I'd like to unoptimize my previous quotes.

maji [sage] 2010/05/20(Thu) 16:13:03:jPOfS1j/0
whyte ppl i hate u cuz

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maji [sage] 2010/10/31(Sun) 12:04:26:dl6Zjy5M0

Sadly enough, you hit the nail.
180-144-58-96f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [] 2010/12/11(Sat) 19:01:00:KTAKOeCP0
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maji [sage] 2011/02/20(Sun) 01:02:01.42:iFfZhdPA0
maji [] 2011/07/24(Sun) 21:25:14.39:XTPsc5v10
Can is piss of shit.
maji [] 2011/10/18(Tue) 13:31:16.25:TuDJiI2I0

【18m】 dennouprion 【東電 80.3 %】 [sage] 2012/04/23(Mon) 23:14:45.14:ZMz+B7CK0
I do not know.
maji [sage] 2013/02/16(Sat) 16:43:05.43:y2jqW1U10
somebody please tell me how the hell did this thread turned from discussion about FPS to race-hating, thanks.
maji [sage] 2013/04/27(Sat) 23:15:33.21:ER1kSs290
忍法帖【Lv=19,xxxPT】(1+0:8) [sage] 2013/06/15(Sat) 22:13:20.84:AN11v4GU0
Who are you?


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