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maji [] 2008/08/03(Sun) 10:15:14:HI30VUUG0

[...] Capcom had been preparing an updated version of
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo for the Xbox Live Arcade
and PlayStation Store. The update, called Super
Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, is a look back at
one of the most popular and well-received iterations
of the franchise, with all new art and
high-definition backgrounds. The OC ReMix crew was
then given a job that was perfectly suited to its
talents: creating new and rethought versions of some
of the Street Fighter repertoire, which contains some
of the best-known themes in gaming, for this updated
release. [...]

Let's discuss this news.
Or, let's just talk about your favorite arrangements.

As for me, I think this is kind of cool, but it can go wrong very, very easily.
I guess I'm afraid that the new mixes won't capture the "spirit" of Street Fighter.
Also, apparently they've included the arrangement of Vega's (jp: Balrog's) theme from "Blood on the Asphalt"?!

In my opinion, that doesn't fit that character at all.
But, maybe they'll remove the vocals.
I guess I'll wait to see how it all pans out.

Unrelated to this, one arranger I particularly like is Star Salzman.

I especially like the vocals in some of his arrangements.
For example, his Chrono Trigger arrangement, "Forever Until Tomorrow", and his Xenogears arrangement, "Pillar of Salt".
Forever Until Tomorrow - ttp://http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01573/
Pillar of Salt - ttp://http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01225/
maji [] 2008/08/04(Mon) 00:44:23:gNuFXMm7O
maji [] 2008/08/05(Tue) 14:13:45:haYDDhOr0
How about Hale-Bopp? He has a nostalgic quality to his songs that I really like.

ttp://http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01653/ Mario Kart DS
ttp://http://www.ocremix.org/remix/OCR01388/ Star Ocean
maji [] 2008/08/07(Thu) 00:35:21:KaZiyTm20
Do you like a capella? There's this Yoshi's Island song I like.
The artist is named "Moose".
However, I've forgotten where to get the song.
maji [] 2008/08/08(Fri) 03:30:58:Dd3z2ILE0
Today's remix: "Icy Peaks" by Justus Johnston.
It's an arrangement of "Paradise ~ Deep Mountain" from Perfect Cherry Blossom.
It uses 4 violins.
maji [] 2008/08/08(Fri) 03:33:25:Dd3z2ILE0
Oh, by the way, I made a minor mistake.
The song I mentioned yesterday is CALLED "yoshi's island moose".
It's BY analog.
maji [] 2008/08/09(Sat) 04:37:39:G4Y2+nLu0
Sinergia, a band from Chile, made a Pac-Man remix.
Pac-Man doesn't seem like the sort of game you'd make a remix from.
But these guys made one.

It's got lyrics, but they're not in English.
maji [] 2008/08/10(Sun) 08:29:13:05/R2v3R0
A tango-esque squealing electric guitar version of Gran Turismo's "Moon Over the Castle".
It's very good. My only gripe is that it fades out during the end.
maji [] 2008/08/11(Mon) 12:22:44:w/NbkCzf0
Today is a special Silent Hill installment. So much music you can daunro-do in one post; it's almost unbelievable, right?
It's being sarcastic, of course.
...Unless you haven't noticed the "download" tab, or something...
I'm laughing, albeit bitterly, because I know those sorts of things are easy to miss.

"WhiteClaudiaRock" by K. Praslowicz. Utilizes "Silent Hill".
Begins with some creepy guitar strumming, then switches to a wall of heavy metal guitar sound.
The creepy guitar strumming then returns, causing an odd melodic effect.

"NayTomorrow" by Tamimi. Utilizes "Not Tomorrow 1 (Lisa's Theme)".
It uses an Arabic instrument called a "nay". That's why it's called "NayTomorrow".
It's quite haunting, and yet almost peaceful at times.

"There Was A Hole Here" by The Wingless. Utilizes "True".
Starts with appropriately haunting piano, strings, and percussion. The key changes make it even more haunting, somehow.
I apologize for using that word so much--"haunting"--but it's really the only word that can describe these songs...

"True(ItsGoneNowmix)" by Steve Pordon. Utilizes "True".
Raw guitars have an interesting effect. Well, not so much on me...
The bass is really creepy. It's like...something trying to feed. That's the only way I can describe it.

"StaticAversion" by Children of the Monkey Machine and Steve Pordon. Utilizes "She" and "Promise".
My personal favorite.
It uses actual radio static--the effect is...well, haunting.
There's an electric guitar that sort of fades in and out with the static...
Once it gets a couple of minutes in, it really blasts off.
maji [] 2008/08/12(Tue) 13:12:14:FTRTXVT90
Today's point of interest is Geoffrey Taucer. He's really awesome.
Songs by him that I don't mention can be found at:

"Victory Festival". Utilizes "Victory Star" from Kirby's Superstar. Collaboration with Daniel Lippert (aka "Usa").
Lovely Irish-like folk tune.

"Town Life". Utilizes "Peaceful Days" from Chrono Trigger. Vocals by Dave Lloyd (aka "djptretzel")
A lovely, melancholic remix.

"Lover Reef". Utilizes "Lava Reef" from Sonic 3.
Collaboration with Andrew Aversa (aka "Zircon"), Jill Goldin (aka "Pixietricks"), Mike Sacco (aka "Shonen Samurai"), and Steve King (aka "D-Lux").
It's marvelous!

"A Star Freezes Over". Utilizes "Gathering Stars in the Night Sky" from Xenogears, and "Desperado" by the Eagles (!).
Collaboration with Brad Burr (aka "The Prophet of Mephisto") and Pascal Jette (aka "PriZm"). This is a quite nice song, I promise you.
American Unko [] 2008/08/13(Wed) 02:15:23:rDpHjKeu0
. . . ,,
. . . 'i ;;;;;,_
. . . . 'ii ;;;;;;;_;:..,,.,,,,,
. . . . . i; i; i; i;'',',;''_' :;,.
. . . . . .Xy__;:. . _ ) . . .)
. . . . . _(I''._,_,,__,, r_ , /
. . . .,/;:;'':;.:;''; i;'',',;;;_'' ; ;':;,.
. . . (ycc;:...:,:.:._;:..:,:.:.. _ . . .)
. . . .i.''-=v''- .:v_,, c_, r_ ,/
. . . /;i;i; '',',;;;_'';'';'';'';'';;;.K' ' ':;,
. . (y_ ,_;:...:,:.:._;_;:.:,:.:. . _ . . . , )
. . .V''.-= v''- .:v:: X_._ .,,_,,:_,r
. /i;i;'',',;;;_''U'';'';'';'';;;;;/.E''''' ' ':;,,
(y,,;:..R.:,:.:._;:.E.:,:.:. ._U 'o, , ' . , )
.V,,..;::;;;::,;,::;):;:;:; .:v_._ .,_,,v_,,r_,V
maji [] 2008/08/13(Wed) 18:08:50:1XIzMp2i0
Hooray, I am finally worthy of your attention!
Don't take this for sarcasm, please! I am happy! Really, really happy!
That you've graced my thread with your unko--it makes me so happy I could cry.
maji [] 2008/08/14(Thu) 13:43:36:0WJlEwrr0
Random remix today. Bubble Bobble.
These are some really angry electronic strings.
I guess it might become grating if you listen to it for too long, though.
maji [] 2008/08/16(Sat) 05:46:46:fDot+F8e0
An interesting Oracle of Ages remix.
Heavily influenced by Ocarina of Time's main theme.
maji [] 2008/08/16(Sat) 11:48:09:xS9SoH5V0
Here's a particularly interesting remix of Robo's theme from Chrono Trigger.
maji [] 2008/08/19(Tue) 07:04:25:6rp01d1z0
"Twoson Hits the Road", by djpretzel.
I heard it was originally supposed to be on Bound Together.
Well, I don't know if that's true...
Very pleasant.
maji [] 2008/08/20(Wed) 17:10:11:4OWv8HIt0
I can't remember what I have and haven't posted...
My memory...
My memory is...


Dragon Warrior. You like Dragon Warrior, don't you?
And you like wind instruments, don't you? I've seen the stuff on NicoVideo.
Wind quintet. Various Dragon Warrior songs.
maji [] 2008/08/21(Thu) 15:05:49:9mtLBbZA0
Odd little Secret of Mana song here. Pretty mellow. Nice strings.
Odd vocals, too. Nothing too intrusive, though.
"Dragon Song".
maji [] 2008/08/21(Thu) 21:43:24:Xk7lmm3k0
maji [] 2008/08/22(Fri) 06:31:04:ASVbbpMv0
oh you
maji [sage] 2008/09/10(Wed) 07:27:31:zvuV5HmlO
I love the legend of the mystical ninja and its music too
maji [sage] 2009/04/05(Sun) 14:59:24:W/xI1h5d0
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maji [] 2011/10/22(Sat) 23:46:54.68:EhYE8P5F0

maji [] 2011/12/16(Fri) 05:28:02.43:r8uEMJX60
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I don't play.
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