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Let's create the web cartoon and the novel [Neetsha]

maji [] 2008/09/04(Thu) 03:43:52:VDrLrgcD0

Here is WEB magazine in which the cartoon and the novel that
the NewsVIP resident produced are published, and dejimaBBS thread of "Neetsha".

- Weekly boy VIP, weekly young VIP, monthly Comic Neet, and a separate volume girl KIBON,
and light Novell magazine "NEET Novell" launches it newly.
As a reader, do not you participate as an author, too? Rather please participate!

[Site URL] At first it is accessed each contents by the left menu!


It is easy to use it than Neetsha for the reader!
SaisokuNeet which there is the maile strike function


[Adoption information] Please read by all means before contributing it


A recommended conclusion work ttp://http://www16.atwiki.jp/neetsharank/pages/31.html
Neetsha CM @ YOUNG Edition ttp://http://www.shhz.name/MM+4/CM/CM.html
Neetsha CM in YouTube ttp://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkTJ9ikNqCg
Neetsha CM in NICONICO ttp://http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm1067563
Neetsha Ranking wiki ttp://http://www16.atwiki.jp/neetsharank/
Neetsha Review wiki ttp://http://www22.atwiki.jp/neetsha-review/
Literary arts mobile ttp://http://mobile.fastneet.org/

Template of the one line impression ttp://http://neetsha.com/inside/comiclist.php/last
A party impression support system ttp://http://extreme.freespace.jp/msy/neetfack/?t=1
maji [] 2008/09/04(Thu) 03:48:14:VDrLrgcD0

== Attention ==

When it publishes it serially newly and registers myself,
please report it in here or this editorial department thread by all means.
Please use a template of this place on this occasion.

[A serialization magazine]
[A title]
[An author name]
[A genre]

== Let's edit Neetsha wiki == ttp://http://neetsha.info/wiki/
You wait, and nobody writes sad anyway particularly one's item!
You will watch Help if you do not understand an editing method!
Let all of you write it a lot, and contents fill up!
maji [] 2008/09/12(Fri) 11:37:40:cPDe9fex0
maji [] 2008/09/16(Tue) 12:07:20:BfUD9o720
Me, too.
maji [] 2008/09/16(Tue) 12:52:39:DGWcxXkm0
it carries out and is w
maji [] 2008/09/23(Tue) 10:14:10:pw/hcM6g0
hybrid american
kintama [] 2008/09/28(Sun) 20:32:21:uImCRAYG0
Hey, you NEET!! this is my original Manga in Neetsha.
I wish you to see it! hey,hey!!

maji [sage] 2008/10/06(Mon) 15:56:12:2mzDYioh0
Oh very warota
maji [] 2008/10/06(Mon) 16:14:03:S9j6Mc4c0
Togura is always here.
maji [sage] 2008/10/06(Mon) 16:28:24:2mzDYioh0
My comic transration festival kaisai
maji [] 2008/10/06(Mon) 17:19:51:kA3vXnpY0
maji [] 2008/10/06(Mon) 18:02:50:fEV1abdF0
no thx
maji [] 2008/10/07(Tue) 19:56:46:tgPwdI470
very warota
maji [] 2008/10/11(Sat) 16:52:49:OtxYG/GA0
maji [] 2008/10/11(Sat) 17:04:31:kYIgT7bd0
I'm in Japanese
maji [sage] 2008/10/19(Sun) 02:42:50:8DW+FFeZ0
Who are koushin siro
maji [] 2008/10/24(Fri) 20:45:28:E665mwvK0
maji [] 2008/10/25(Sat) 19:05:43:TppY0xuA0
Who are breast fun art draw please.
maji [] 2008/10/28(Tue) 16:12:11:G6/6owjX0
maji [] 2008/11/05(Wed) 14:44:24:uFJVmjpZ0
maji [] 2008/12/01(Mon) 10:13:57:j5Tp9HMq0
maji [] 2008/12/16(Tue) 09:36:34:yhhm331B0
what's hatten?
maji [] 2008/12/30(Tue) 08:52:06:1WfVPYM50
maji [] 2008/12/30(Tue) 16:40:38:GQxP2lKX0

hatten(="development"): Japanese gay slang;
Making love with a man(men)
maji [] 2009/01/02(Fri) 20:37:52:7FogVr6Z0
maji [] 2009/01/04(Sun) 09:55:11:3PL10T3I0
nice gay!
maji [] 2009/01/06(Tue) 09:44:54:w07xge3J0
nice gay!
maji [] 2009/01/07(Wed) 05:27:06:0rPNH3dU0
maji [] 2009/01/20(Tue) 07:32:13:OMaNO10l0
nice gay!
maji [sage] 2009/01/20(Tue) 14:38:11:BXiaP3+p0

Also 'Hattenba'(=place for development) means gay sex spot.
'24 Kaikan' is famous Hattenba.
maji [] 2009/01/22(Thu) 20:16:25:1SBI5qhF0
maji [] 2009/01/31(Sat) 03:00:09:97fCJ8j20
maji [] 2009/02/01(Sun) 06:54:46:ystY99QB0
maji [] 2009/02/13(Fri) 17:07:51:IbINabl+0
You heard the man.
maji [] 2009/02/26(Thu) 15:39:17:0Apj5XnT0
maji [] 2009/03/04(Wed) 18:29:29:YwIchAIu0
maji [] 2009/03/07(Sat) 01:00:01:gmmBv3b30
maji [] 2009/03/12(Thu) 21:48:38:UgjpRSRb0
i love this site.
maji [] 2009/03/18(Wed) 08:43:26:fesBBD5y0
Oh God
maji [] 2009/04/08(Wed) 09:45:19:cTy0Zkmw0
chinpo !!
po!! po!!

maji [] 2009/04/14(Tue) 19:43:31:K1a4unKe0
so sexy
maji [] 2009/04/24(Fri) 13:10:02:C/fktBkY0
po!! po!!
maji [] 2009/04/30(Thu) 18:48:56:ylAqK83E0
Such a nice
maji [] 2009/05/02(Sat) 16:29:21:Ogq+ghKM0
maji [] 2009/05/04(Mon) 03:31:48:QDI1YjMD0
Dismonic ben
maji [] 2009/12/16(Wed) 11:08:17:0rplXxMM0
warata nanikore
maji [] 2010/09/11(Sat) 19:30:30:P786yFG70
Zot O' puss skunk into the shay
maji [] 2010/09/15(Wed) 23:59:30:ng20DhlJ0
Now under the tellows what to do
180-144-82-79f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [] 2010/12/11(Sat) 20:08:00:7TDRw6c90
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maji [] 2011/10/26(Wed) 15:58:01.25:QDe9Lg8v0

【29.5m】 dennouprion 【東電 65.6 %】 [sage] 2012/05/06(Sun) 09:58:33.59:4MsKIk9y0
maji [sage] 2013/12/16(Mon) 12:26:46.68:MQ1SR/9JO


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