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maji [] 2009/01/07(Wed) 01:41:41:MrC3xBDPO
Do U really from foreign countries?
(= You arent Japanese? )

Please ask you a question

Where R U from?

maji [sage] 2012/02/14(Tue) 13:27:21.84:7cjo901x0
I'm from Saitama.
maji [] 2012/03/02(Fri) 22:45:31.38:fl+BbdoM0
I'm from Okinawa
maji [] 2012/03/03(Sat) 20:51:55.07:E+qoYgDrI
maji [] 2012/03/04(Sun) 01:33:50.79:tV5tEYfW0
maji [sage] 2012/03/07(Wed) 14:07:15.19:2IYwlPP80
maji [] 2012/03/08(Thu) 22:00:42.42:1CdoX2DJ0
I'm from America. Detroit, Michigan.

ohayo gozaimasu.
maji [] 2012/03/09(Fri) 15:02:51.53:YVPQifKt0
I am from the United States. In the state of Maine.
It is cold.
maji [] 2012/03/12(Mon) 08:39:06.19:fx8BdeGK0
I am from France.
It's a pity this board isn't that active.
maji [sage] 2012/03/18(Sun) 17:47:46.86:CeUjIUMz0
I'm from Kanagawa pref
maji [] 2012/03/18(Sun) 20:32:28.01:ERsdglU90
I'm from 4chan XD
See you
maji [] 2012/03/18(Sun) 21:40:28.74:cDGBxPoU0
maji [] 2012/03/19(Mon) 02:19:29.58:ICbCiBbN0
maji [] 2012/03/19(Mon) 23:02:04.26:drj5BHk00
Chelyabinsk, Russia.
maji [sage] 2012/03/23(Fri) 21:26:45.12:0gtNQzkM0

haha, hello, neighbour

Yekaterinburg, Russia
maji [] 2012/03/25(Sun) 17:54:56.85:td6s14Ul0
I'm from osaka.
maji [] 2012/03/29(Thu) 17:00:14.10:a+N2WRLl0
I'm from tokyo
maji [] 2012/04/20(Fri) 13:58:24.56:IPQ3XUT60
忍法帖【Lv=2,xxxP】 [] 2012/04/20(Fri) 17:32:39.72:HHlCLg4T0
I'm from Japan
maji [] 2012/04/21(Sat) 21:23:33.41:0qYw8DZF0
I'm from Kobe.
maji [GloriousToast@hotmail.com] 2012/04/24(Tue) 04:04:40.34:yhYnYktd0
Wow, this thread is more than three years old.

I'm from Dresden, Germany.
maji [sage] 2012/04/24(Tue) 04:11:45.98:+vjCOyA40
I am from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia
maji [] 2012/04/24(Tue) 04:55:50.39:F48w9lUt0
I'm from Ireland.
maji [] 2012/04/24(Tue) 05:17:03.39:7q4eN28T0
I'm from Florida, USA.
忍法帖【Lv=2,xxxP】 [] 2012/04/24(Tue) 16:23:44.37:cQ3KerK/0
I'm from Kansai
maji [] 2012/04/24(Tue) 17:15:25.93:6Rjbb2eJ0
I'm from Florida.
maji [] 2012/04/26(Thu) 08:12:44.13:sodFeSg10
I am martian, for real. Mars is my beautiful home. We will invade you silly humans soon!
maji [sage] 2012/04/26(Thu) 23:07:40.47:FRfi6wml0

let me say only the one word 2 u.
Go back soon 2 Mars with ur fuck'n friend Hatoyama.
u see?
maji [] 2012/04/27(Fri) 10:50:06.53:NJohTJN70
Sydney, Australia
maji [] 2012/04/28(Sat) 00:00:53.97:lvodlsB90

What the fuck did you just fucking say to me, you little bitch?
I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Special
Tasks Group, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids
throughout the sol system, and I have over 700 confirmed human
kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top in
biological warfare in the entire martian intelligence division.
You are nothing to me but just another target.
I will probe you the fuck out with precision the likes of
which has never been seen before on your Earth, mark my
fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that
shit to me over the Extranet? Think again, fucker.
As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies
across the galaxy and your galactic IP is being traced right
now so you better prepare for the storm. The storm that wipes
out the pathetic little thing you call your human life.
You're fucking dead. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can
kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that just with a
laser beam. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed
combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the
Anti Human Special Tasks Group and I will use it to its full
extent to wipe your little miserable ass off the face of
whatever rock you call home, you little shit. If only you
could have known what ultra technological retribution your
little monkey that i am about to bring down upon you,
maybe you could have held your fucking tongue.
But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price,
you goddamn idiot. I will beam shit fury all over you and you
will drown in it. You're fucking dead, earthling
maji [sage] 2012/04/28(Sat) 00:57:18.16:JHm8fA9M0
Stop spamming
maji [sage] 2012/04/29(Sun) 06:13:16.00:ZVJO2qvy0
I'm from Heilbronn, Germany, Gott moege euch beschuetzen!

I came from 4chan, but I'm not really a "refugee" here, I just like 2chan and Futaba Channel and sometimes I feel the need of posting on 2chan, like I do now.
If I only could speak Japanese and Futaba only allowed posting from my ISP, I'd post there too... I just love imageboards and BBS'.
7chan and other 4chan spin-offs are shitty. They aren't as amazing as 4chan and Futaba. All they want is their "Anonymous Legion" culture.
The "Anonymous" movement is the most retarded one I've ever seen. They think they are hackers, while they are only dumb children. Most of these don't even know where "Anonymous" originally came from!

I don't really think you're from 4chan. Are you from Reddit? Your "XD" isn't fitting and you shouldn't use that in the first place.
maji [] 2012/04/29(Sun) 19:48:45.84:jEuFLB0y0

Not every emoticon user is from (negative place)
simply because you don't like it.

Telling who shouldn't use emoticons is like telling 2ch to stop
making ascii art because you don't like it.
maji [] 2012/04/30(Mon) 15:02:52.24:deppIpYd0

Wow, you response to exceedingly old resses.
I can comprehend little bit Germany, then what does "Gott möge euch beschützen" mean? Is it a quotation?

Well, I had have a question for you since before, I was wondering how you call one post such as "".
In Japanese, that is ordinally called "resu", but I have no way to call in English.
Could you tell me how to call this?
maji [sage] 2012/04/30(Mon) 18:57:55.96:89j0Pig9O
maji [] 2012/05/01(Tue) 08:33:57.70:ogkYiEo10
People who isn't Japanese watches here more than I expextes
maji [] 2012/05/01(Tue) 11:26:41.78:ogkYiEo10
expextes -> expected
maji [] 2012/05/03(Thu) 21:45:55.10:WafpB7Ls0

I agree with you w
maji [] 2012/05/05(Sat) 14:38:54.77:a90Gm37Q0
maji [sage] 2012/05/07(Mon) 09:32:18.14:eGg+meKP0

When on 2ch, you say fack instead of fuck
maji [sage] 2012/05/10(Thu) 23:55:51.26:Mpnoq3l50
why have I to wonder to myself?
maji [] 2012/05/15(Tue) 16:59:28.55:k2I92oNq0
Hello everyone!
pseudo [] 2012/05/15(Tue) 17:28:25.36:Sc3Ismhb0
maji [sage] 2012/05/16(Wed) 00:38:48.04:UhDcN36G0
pseudo [] 2012/05/16(Wed) 02:47:51.92:0nfJ70KaO
You say hello but I say guppy.
maji [sage] 2012/05/19(Sat) 00:03:32.35:3yKyeHAWi
maji [] 2012/05/19(Sat) 07:45:37.49:h2vqcgDG0


忍法帖【Lv=2,xxxP】 [sage] 2012/05/19(Sat) 15:48:19.68:DIhVzvRD0
忍法帖【Lv=2,xxxP】 [sage] 2012/05/19(Sat) 19:08:23.49:B29C6sMa0
忍法帖【Lv=2,xxxP】 [sage] 2012/05/20(Sun) 15:18:23.96:7Bkmnoaz0
忍法帖【Lv=2,xxxP】 [sage] 2012/05/20(Sun) 15:21:38.28:xqdij31c0
maji [] 2012/05/20(Sun) 22:14:42.62:72RwXQkN0
Republic of Osaka.
maji [] 2012/05/21(Mon) 16:40:19.00:hyGB08+D0
new brunswick, canada
maji [] 2012/05/21(Mon) 16:47:08.61:lzwvJITd0
From USA.
Is it customary on this site, to only write out very short responses?
Ema [] 2012/05/21(Mon) 17:01:46.83:v1OC2P9y0
maji [sage] 2012/05/21(Mon) 18:07:56.18:nMesuVhs0

Me too, but I've seen a lot of people heading for the beach.
maji [] 2012/05/22(Tue) 02:16:30.15:5GnjyUkh0
maji [sage] 2012/05/22(Tue) 05:34:49.84:Mb3zuVg90

TheShadowFog [] 2012/05/24(Thu) 03:00:19.59:znnyMGK30

What this bro said.
maji [] 2012/05/26(Sat) 01:51:02.25:iWoBSiXU0
Q1 where are you from?
Q2 why did you come here?
maji [sage] 2012/05/27(Sun) 00:12:06.68:Kt4tDRse0
ewwwww,yanks everywhere DX
maji [] 2012/05/27(Sun) 06:28:34.78:xY09SIhb0
Criminal nation South Korea

Please get to know truth.
maji [] 2012/05/29(Tue) 08:06:30.34:+EMFew+k0
maji [] 2012/06/27(Wed) 23:08:55.96:3/TWYd460
Those who come from Hong kong or Taiwan?
maji [] 2012/08/02(Thu) 01:34:22.57:n4uROhhN0

I am from Texas
I came here to fuck bitches
maji [] 2012/08/02(Thu) 02:49:24.52:XsjPBFT70

i want to fuck white ass. they look so yummi
maji [] 2012/08/02(Thu) 08:23:00.34:NqT9+uPW0
I am from California
You guys should check out my video

maji [sage] 2012/08/18(Sat) 22:41:30.54:gDHSPBCk0

they'll laugh at yo dick
maji [sage] 2012/08/23(Thu) 04:41:16.00:8Nd/grs+0
I from tinko
maji [] 2012/09/06(Thu) 01:15:30.82:8mtyBTT70
忍法帖【Lv=13,xxxPT】(1+0:8) [sage] 2012/09/06(Thu) 04:21:04.21:PtMgJ/Ns0
maji [] 2012/09/11(Tue) 03:03:10.21:7Hn8O/F/0
maji [sage] 2012/09/11(Tue) 04:00:37.37:LetWOYZR0

i am talking about your male tigth butt now bend down
maji [sage] 2012/09/11(Tue) 11:24:34.11:ldr7z8qii
maji [] 2012/10/04(Thu) 01:43:44.65:uyUe5zL1O
Let's do it?
How about do you think about my dick?
maji [] 2012/10/04(Thu) 04:53:49.52:qvopk2Cg0

Can't find it.
maji [sage] 2012/10/05(Fri) 15:02:59.32:tOADG4PlO
Maybe... So... big...
maji [] 2012/10/05(Fri) 19:53:42.67:DyfkwZn00
S! A! G! A! SAGA!
maji [] 2012/10/06(Sat) 02:42:10.93:dG4ypPLj0
maji [] 2012/10/06(Sat) 15:41:36.54:GxbrNVRY0
I am from Osaka
maji [] 2012/10/07(Sun) 07:43:14.64:eFoNkZF+0
Trondheim. A city in Norway.
maji [sage] 2012/10/08(Mon) 14:33:10.86:dTKSpW0Q0
Irvine California
maji [] 2012/10/09(Tue) 12:10:35.22:wsCBhmjh0
I am from Orange County, California
maji [] 2012/10/09(Tue) 19:34:50.21:fHMUMQAA0

is orange county orange?
maji [] 2012/10/10(Wed) 11:50:04.22:DHrUFVP10

yeah and there are many oranges
maji [] 2012/10/11(Thu) 00:40:10.19:P3QD7VA30

i like this place already
maji [] 2012/10/11(Thu) 09:04:06.18:tfPmRBEZ0
Maine, United States.
maji [] 2012/10/13(Sat) 11:16:45.59:x3Vk3CaM0
im from ibaraki.
ibaraki is in japan that kanto region.
ibaraki is famous for NATTO,TUKUBA-mountain etc...
anyway interesting place there.

now, japan has been ploblems
japan has accused korea for TAKESHIMA to ICJ(imternational court justice),

but korea has ignored japan accusation.

takeshima proved that japan own island.

how do you think about japan-korea,china problems?

if it has been mistake in glammer,
point out please?

maji [sage] 2012/10/15(Mon) 09:55:25.60:7Dg1ywl80
Shizuoka, Japan
maji [sage] 2012/10/15(Mon) 23:25:59.16:GqptYwqN0
I came from sanfieero.
maji [] 2012/10/21(Sun) 22:28:58.05:tb5bExUm0
Konichua, i'm rossia.

Whilst japans ningen-tachi use their so called dakimakuras I really enjoy sex with my warmed ushanka
maji [sage] 2012/10/26(Fri) 12:23:16.13:CmYA3CC20
maji [] 2012/10/26(Fri) 23:07:47.20:Ecyr5JY/0
maji [] 2012/11/03(Sat) 00:34:50.97:fuFzjRYb0
my mother's manko
maji [sage] 2012/11/26(Mon) 11:55:15.79:/KrXROsV0
Adelaide, Australia
忍法帖【Lv=6,xxxP】(2+0:8) [sage] 2013/03/24(Sun) 13:25:19.09:99i6lRxP0
忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】(5+0:8) [sage] 2013/04/27(Sat) 22:08:42.02:bPv90XtN0
Kobe,Japan. yaranaika?
maji [] 2013/06/07(Fri) 04:57:24.61:v9JNE1Rk0!
maji [sage] 2013/06/29(Sat) 19:39:46.70:IPSyXrwU0
realm of forbidden
[sage] 2016/11/17(Thu) 16:27:06.15:uibUmWd1S
north korea
maji [] 2017/02/17(Fri) 19:28:33.81:akB6lT3D0
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