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The Wedding Dresses thread.

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History of the Wedding Dress

It may seem as if brides have been getting married in white forever, but this is not the case at all.
The trend of wearing an all white wedding dress dates back only to Victorian times.
Before that, brides wore a wide variety of colors and materials depending on their social status.

Way Back When

Even though colors and styles have changed throughout the years, brides have always dressed for the occasion.
Of course royalty and those with a high social standing always dressed at the height of fashion, sparing no expense.
Those who had limited means still treated a wedding as a special occasion and dressed as formal as their budgets would allow.

Ancient brides chose to symbolize their happiness by wearing bright colored wedding garments.

During Medieval times, the wedding was more than just a union between two people, in many occasions it was a union between two families,
two businesses and even two countries.
Weddings were more a matter of politics than love.
Brides had to dress in a manner which cast her family in the most favorable light, for she wasn't only representing herself.

Medieval brides of an elevated social standing wore rich colors and expensive fabrics.
It was common to see well-to-do brides wearing boldly colored layers of furs, velvet and silk.
Those of a lower social standing wore fabrics that weren't as rich, though they copied the elegant styles as best they could.
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Our History

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The hosting server business is continued based on the Kanto region.

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*December 31, 2002 - Osaka data center abolition succeeded to from old Nananet. Full withdrawal from Osaka.

*February, 2004 - It becomes independent than the ZeroCN (0cn) net group according to MBO (management purchase).

*October 1, 2005 - Headquarters is moved to Jingumae, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. The trade name is changed to the AmieNet.

*March 19, 2009 - AmieNet amalgamates with AmieNet Gunma and it becomes AmieNet (new).
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*April 1, 2009. - A part of the hosting server business of which our company runs April 1, 2009.
I will inform the transfer to AmieNet Switzerland that is the halving investment joint venture company with our company to you as follows.

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I will inform the transfer to AmieNet America that is the halving investment joint venture company with our company to you as follows.

*June 1, 2009 The employee of the AmieNet (old Nananet founder) does the spinout, and the 375net (Minakonet) is established in Chuo ward, Osaka City.

The 375net (Minakonet) Nara data center is established in Hokkeji-chou, Nara City on the same day.

*July 1, 2009 AmieNet Hodogaya data center abolition. It integrates it into the Gunma data center.

*October 1, 2009 The all stocks of AmieNet Switzerland are sold off to the Zurich hosting who is the local business partner.
As a result, the full withdrawal from the hosting server business in Europe.

*December 1, 2009 The all stocks of the AmieNet America United States are sold off to the Seattle intelligence fund that is the local investment fund.
As a result, the full withdrawal from the hosting server business in the United States.
It withdraws from all foreign operations, and the policy of concentrating on domestic operations is decided.
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*January 4, 2010 The name of the company is changed as the Miporin Net.

The Miporin Net Fukuoka data center is established in Yoshizuka, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City on the same day.

A virtual headquarters function is moved to Yoshizuka, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka City on the same day
(The Shibuya office continues as a headquarters in recording).

*February 1, 2010 The 375net (Minakonet) Niigata data center is established in Yamazaki-Ro Tokamachi City Niigata Prefecture.

*March 1, 2010 The Miporin Net Gunma data center is integrated into the Fukuoka data center.
The Gunma data center is abolished along with this unification and reorganization (schedule).

*March 1, 2010 The 375net (Minakonet) Nara data center is integrated into the Niigata data center.
The Nara data center is temporarily closed along with this unification and reorganization (schedule).

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Dress 2Dimention [age] 2010/02/17(Wed) 20:00:00:vbtQfGld0













Dress 2Dimention [sage] 2010/02/17(Wed) 20:01:03:vbtQfGld0















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Dress 3Dimention [] 2010/02/17(Wed) 20:39:00:vbtQfGld0












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Mr. Sato and you frequently go to the rest room because of the diabetic perhaps.
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A secret proxy server is taught

Nice to meet you ~

It informs them for a moment today.

A secret proxy server has been opened to the public as a member limitation privilege of "2ch.net" now.

There is only making to a secret WEB site, all records do not remain in the access log when misusing it,
and do not misuse it earnestly, please.

Of course, it is free.

We will inform you of IP address and the port number to use a secret proxy server with following URL.

URL : ttp://http://www17.atpages.jp/tororin/glype/index.php

< Please continue your favors toward assistance. >
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It is the one by not the instinct of animals but a social demand that the man is nice to the woman.
That is, it is an act necessary to maintain the society and the civilization.
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It has gone to the public employment security office today.
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I'm moving temporarily to the following site, and click following URL, please to the visit.

Attention for all users. Please read first.

URL: ttp://gimpo.5ch.net/test/read.cgi/dejima/1219431280/">ttp://gimpo.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/dejima/1219431280/

Bots vs Browsers

About Bots vs Browsers (botsvsbrowsers.com):
This large database lists user agents in categories and distinguishes between robots and browsers.

URL: ttp://http://botsvsbrowsers.com/
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Wedding Dresses Fetish
URL: ttp://http://www.gazo-ch.net/orz/read.php/thread/11/11389/

Formal Dresses Fetish
URL: ttp://http://www.gazo-ch.net/orz/read.php/thread/11/8955/

Formal Dresses Fetish Part2
URL: ttp://http://www.gazo-ch.net/orz/read.php/thread/11/457458/

Wedding Dresses
URL: ttp://http://www.gazo-ch.net/orz/read.php/thread/11/261415/

Wedding Dresses Part2
URL: ttp://http://www.gazo-ch.net/orz/read.php/thread/11/546711/

Wedding Dresses Part3
URL: ttp://http://www.gazo-ch.net/orz/read.php/thread/11/555827/

The Brides
URL: ttp://http://www.gazo-ch.net/orz/read.php/thread/11/91840/

Bridal Fetish
URL: ttp://http://www.gazo-ch.net/orz/read.php/thread/11/23582/
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Neat Miss
URL: ttp://http://ojosama.net.nyud.net/index.htm

Neat Miss (Another page)
URL: ttp://http://ojomizi.blog53.fc2.com.nyud.net/
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It's a wedding dress show image of the Miss. Akino Yamamoto offer.
It's possible to inspect it by clicking the image in the expansion image.

URL: ttp://http://ojosama.maid4u.jp.nyud.net/furichan/yamamoto/take.html
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The happy marriage please in beautiful Jeju !
The wedding of LOTTE HOTEL JEJU.

URL: ttp://http://www.weddingjeju.com.nyud.net/

Alandar - inicio
URL: ttp://http://alandar.net.nyud.net/www2/

Period Three home

The Period Three is an individual site where Key's picture is exhibited.
It would be greatly appreciated if it could get it by enjoying it (quotation from the homepage).

URL: ttp://http://nagasaki.cool.ne.jp.nyud.net/h_key/home.htm
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Wedding Shoes - The 2010 Collection from Rainbow Club

URL: ttp://http://www.rainbowclub.co.uk.nyud.net/
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Kim's Tribute To Femininity

URL: ttp://http://www.geekbabe.com/kim/

Kim's Tribute To Femininity (coral var.)

URL: ttp://http://www.geekbabe.com.nyud.net/kim/
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Mark Lesley Bridalwear

collection is where you will find the gown of your dreams,
a gown you both enjoy and remember for the rest of your life.

Site URL

Site URL (coral var.)
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Tennis skirt photos

Image Tennis Skirts Photo Galleries and Pictures

Tennis skirt Stock Photos and Images.

My Mini Tennis Skirts

Windy day for tennis skirts on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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Proxy server of Apache
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maji [] 2010/04/22(Thu) 02:46:59:BoAxdbUkO
The hole of buttocks

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intoy (Korean fashion Dolls)
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URL : ttp://http://bbs1.m-ch.jp.nyud.net/test/read.cgi/3d/1271493696/
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URL : ttp://http://bbs1.m-ch.jp.nyud.net/test/read.cgi/3o/1272092953/
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Nori-p's page

The theme this month is June Bride 2010. It's a season of the wedding if it is said June.
The bride in June has a lot of women who yearn to the June bride according to the legend that it is possible to become happy.
Then, it was entitled, "June bride 2010" imaging such a happy bride and made the site this month.
The bride of the wedding in the fresh green wears the wedding dress, and it walks in the bridal aisle...
It took a picture of such an appearance imaging it.










Here is an original site.
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Nice to meet you ! I'm Noripee.
Above and beyond this... Recently, the site was made.
It wanted to announce the result of the site making, and I was going to write it here.
Please come to see by all means.
* I will introduce the site. *
"Blue fairy" It's site of a fashionable doll.
I'll wait for the access of everybody !

URL: ttp://http://flapco.marineroad.com/noripee/index.html
maji [] 2010/06/27(Sun) 05:38:11:g505cg0H0
blabla [maxasofia@hotmail.com] 2010/06/29(Tue) 06:26:14:9xm7t1vk0
hmm okay but this is just about british dresses and more precisely english.
Do you know that in other countrys of europe we marry in complete different fashion. What about france, or finland, or or portugal, or hungary,
or even the VERY special BULGARIAN WEDING dresses.
Foreign countrys is more than just USA, and europe is much more than just britain you know...
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Town and Country Photography: Gallery : Wedding Samples

URL: ttp://http://www.tcphotography.me.uk.nyud.net/e107_plugins/gallery2/gallery2.php?g2_itemId=13
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USER-AGENT :Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X 10.5; ja; rv: Gecko/2010051911 Camino/2.0.3 (MultiLang) (like Firefox/3.0.19)
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IP :
Referer :ttp://http://honyaku.yahoo.co.jp/url
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kanu.excite.co.jp - 2010/08/22 15:10:37
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Query :
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sp.land.to - 2010/08/22 20:05:05
IP :
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maji [sage] 2010/08/22(Sun) 21:07:03:IhiqDF8f0
Is it fun to trace others' IP addresses and disclose them here? What's the use?
119-230-87-158f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [] 2010/08/26(Thu) 20:20:00:j1KVYcu/0

For instance, there is a purpose that studies IP address, and is an element of the self-satisfactory.
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119-230-73-187f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [sage] 2010/08/29(Sun) 18:24:00:dZDuryrQ0 2010/08/26(Thu) 12:24:27 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 19:39:58 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 12:37:50 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 19:53:43 JST-9

subtotal:4 2010/08/28(Sat) 12:24:22 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 18:28:55 JST-9 2010/08/25(Wed) 19:35:27 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 09:21:44 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 08:55:25 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 19:10:31 JST-9

subtotal:6 2010/08/26(Thu) 09:05:51 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 18:12:17 JST-9 2010/08/25(Wed) 22:34:28 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 11:18:00 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 21:58:56 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 13:59:12 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 20:04:10 JST-9

119-230-73-187f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [sage] 2010/08/29(Sun) 18:25:00:dZDuryrQ0 2010/08/20(Fri) 23:35:02 JST-9 2010/08/20(Fri) 23:53:58 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 09:29:54 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 10:19:42 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 17:25:05 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 12:18:29 JST-9 2010/08/25(Wed) 22:31:51 JST-9 2010/08/21(Sat) 00:11:54 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 11:21:46 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 09:29:54 JST-9

subtotal:10 2010/08/28(Sat) 11:34:54 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 17:10:21 JST-9 2010/08/25(Wed) 20:18:33 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 12:21:51 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 13:35:03 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 19:43:04 JST-9

119-230-73-187f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [sage] 2010/08/29(Sun) 18:26:00:dZDuryrQ0 2010/08/26(Thu) 10:55:26 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 10:38:21 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 19:21:06 JST-9 2010/08/24(Tue) 23:35:44 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 13:14:40 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 09:35:42 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 09:00:38 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 17:22:28 JST-9 2010/08/25(Wed) 19:51:55 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 11:07:49 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 12:35:30 JST-9

subtotal:12 2010/08/25(Wed) 22:38:41 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 11:03:47 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 17:13:01 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 12:13:19 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 13:04:20 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 13:56:01 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 16:02:14 JST-9

119-230-73-187f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [sage] 2010/08/29(Sun) 18:27:00:dZDuryrQ0 2010/08/26(Thu) 09:54:38 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 12:15:53 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 10:26:30 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 09:19:02 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 11:37:04 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 10:35:45 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 11:21:20 JST-9

subtotal:7 2010/08/28(Sat) 19:27:15 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 13:53:14 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 17:54:33 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 19:46:44 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 18:34:53 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 17:19:51 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 11:25:33 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 22:21:15 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 11:17:16 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 09:38:19 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 10:09:38 JST-9 2010/08/25(Wed) 20:02:09 JST-9

119-230-73-187f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [sage] 2010/08/29(Sun) 18:28:00:dZDuryrQ0 2010/08/26(Thu) 10:36:57 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 18:02:34 JST-9

subtotal:2 2010/08/26(Thu) 10:31:44 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 10:46:51 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 09:49:33 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 18:20:21 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 23:38:01 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 21:56:22 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 12:21:48 JST-9

119-230-73-187f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [sage] 2010/08/29(Sun) 18:29:00:dZDuryrQ0 2010/08/28(Sat) 11:38:20 JST-9 2010/08/25(Wed) 22:46:26 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 10:49:29 JST-9 2010/08/25(Wed) 19:42:29 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 19:13:08 JST-9 2010/08/23(Mon) 08:09:35 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 08:58:03 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 21:51:43 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 19:58:34 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 14:08:48 JST-9

subtotal:11 2010/08/28(Sat) 12:27:43 JST-9 2010/08/25(Wed) 19:49:17 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 23:48:36 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 22:17:15 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 22:04:04 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 14:12:30 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 12:04:01 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 13:09:32 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 14:15:03 JST-9

119-230-73-187f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [sage] 2010/08/29(Sun) 18:30:00:dZDuryrQ0 2010/08/28(Sat) 18:08:50 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 22:09:38 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 12:59:45 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 10:11:53 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 09:03:16 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 12:19:12 JST-9

subtotal:6 2010/08/26(Thu) 10:52:49 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 12:06:37 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 17:30:40 JST-9

subtotal:3 2010/08/28(Sat) 10:17:08 JST-9 2010/08/25(Wed) 20:22:46 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 10:48:09 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 11:28:10 JST-9 2010/08/25(Wed) 19:45:52 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 10:55:35 JST-9

119-230-73-187f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [sage] 2010/08/29(Sun) 18:32:00:dZDuryrQ0 2010/08/28(Sat) 19:00:22 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 13:29:01 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 13:26:25 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 10:58:38 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 12:54:36 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 14:24:32 JST-9

subtotal:6 2010/08/23(Mon) 08:14:42 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 13:41:05 JST-9 2010/08/23(Mon) 08:31:28 JST-9 2010/08/25(Wed) 07:59:18 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 18:37:37 JST-9 2010/08/25(Wed) 22:43:52 JST-9 2010/08/23(Mon) 09:38:31 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 21:42:44 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 21:39:37 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 13:12:07 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 14:06:11 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 12:35:02 JST-9 2010/08/23(Mon) 09:19:59 JST-9 2010/08/23(Mon) 08:25:52 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 11:31:07 JST-9

119-230-73-187f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [sage] 2010/08/29(Sun) 18:33:00:dZDuryrQ0 2010/08/26(Thu) 13:23:49 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 23:33:40 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 12:44:27 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 11:01:13 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 19:05:08 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 10:23:19 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 09:24:18 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 11:11:06 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 18:57:32 JST-9

subtotal:9 2010/08/25(Wed) 20:31:51 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 09:52:06 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 09:46:56 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 20:01:44 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 22:25:37 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 22:30:28 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 13:44:50 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 19:23:39 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 22:34:28 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 12:27:01 JST-9

119-230-48-129f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [sage] 2010/08/29(Sun) 18:37:02:7PS50L9c0 2010/08/26(Thu) 11:03:10 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 17:43:50 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 13:20:22 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 11:30:48 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 18:26:09 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 12:09:58 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 17:46:32 JST-9 2010/08/25(Wed) 20:27:46 JST-9

subtotal:8 2010/08/26(Thu) 10:58:03 JST-9 2010/08/25(Wed) 22:41:12 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 11:39:41 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 19:56:08 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 09:41:00 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 09:44:18 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 18:15:39 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 14:03:31 JST-9 2010/08/25(Wed) 20:09:57 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 09:32:32 JST-9

119-230-48-129f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [sage] 2010/08/29(Sun) 18:37:59:7PS50L9c0 2010/08/26(Thu) 09:16:26 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 12:57:11 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 18:31:26 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 09:08:33 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 08:52:38 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 19:18:29 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 09:11:15 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 11:42:25 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 13:32:29 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 13:49:51 JST-9

119-230-48-129f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [sage] 2010/08/29(Sun) 18:39:00:7PS50L9c0 2010/08/27(Fri) 12:44:47 JST-9 2010/08/22(Sun) 19:36:32 JST-9 2010/08/24(Tue) 11:11:32 JST-9 2010/08/21(Sat) 13:35:43 JST-9 2010/08/22(Sun) 18:18:14 JST-9 2010/08/25(Wed) 00:16:22 JST-9 2010/08/23(Mon) 08:41:49 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 11:24:58 JST-9 2010/08/25(Wed) 20:15:56 JST-9 2010/08/21(Sat) 10:46:31 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 11:05:53 JST-9 2010/08/22(Sun) 19:02:23 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 13:06:51 JST-9 2010/08/27(Fri) 09:09:39 JST-9 2010/08/23(Mon) 18:01:33 JST-9 2010/08/22(Sun) 18:35:30 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 10:44:13 JST-9

119-230-48-129f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [sage] 2010/08/29(Sun) 18:40:00:7PS50L9c0 2010/08/28(Sat) 09:50:19 JST-9 2010/08/21(Sat) 13:22:12 JST-9 2010/08/27(Fri) 12:50:38 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 18:06:15 JST-9 2010/08/27(Fri) 08:58:37 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 10:12:17 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 10:16:39 JST-9 2010/08/20(Fri) 23:38:12 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 12:40:53 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 11:28:30 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 12:43:38 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 09:13:51 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 19:34:15 JST-9 2010/08/21(Sat) 12:23:04 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 17:38:28 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 17:17:08 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 12:49:26 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 17:59:26 JST-9

119-230-48-129f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [sage] 2010/08/29(Sun) 18:41:00:7PS50L9c0 2010/08/26(Thu) 10:34:21 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 11:58:49 JST-9 2010/08/27(Fri) 08:56:03 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 11:42:22 JST-9 2010/08/27(Fri) 13:06:04 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 11:33:31 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 20:25:48 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 10:04:01 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 10:42:48 JST-9 2010/08/27(Fri) 08:53:24 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 10:41:32 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 12:32:14 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 12:29:36 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 10:52:52 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 20:07:35 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 17:34:20 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 23:41:23 JST-9

119-230-48-129f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [sage] 2010/08/29(Sun) 18:42:00:7PS50L9c0 2010/08/20(Fri) 19:32:02 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 17:51:36 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 17:41:06 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 15:56:19 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 11:08:28 JST-9 2010/08/27(Fri) 08:48:56 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 10:06:40 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 18:23:15 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 09:27:07 JST-9

subtotal:9 2010/08/18(Wed) 14:03:01 JST-9 2010/08/19(Thu) 12:40:01 JST-9

subtotal:2 2010/08/27(Fri) 13:10:22 JST-9 2010/08/27(Fri) 09:01:30 JST-9

subtotal:2 2010/08/28(Sat) 10:14:32 JST-9

subtotal:1 2010/08/28(Sat) 10:30:45 JST-9

subtotal:1 2010/08/20(Fri) 20:31:01 JST-9 2010/08/24(Tue) 23:47:12 JST-9 2010/08/21(Sat) 01:48:01 JST-9

subtotal:3 2010/08/16(Mon) 19:18:03 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 19:51:16 JST-9 2010/08/24(Tue) 15:49:01 JST-9 2010/08/25(Wed) 13:31:01 JST-9 2010/08/24(Tue) 10:50:58 JST-9

119-230-48-129f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [sage] 2010/08/29(Sun) 18:43:00:7PS50L9c0 2010/08/20(Fri) 23:49:19 JST-9

subtotal:1 2010/08/28(Sat) 18:50:04 JST-9

subtotal:1 2010/08/21(Sat) 14:13:01 JST-9

subtotal:1 2010/08/28(Sat) 11:12:30 JST-9

subtotal:1 2010/08/28(Sat) 19:07:42 JST-9 2010/08/17(Tue) 20:16:01 JST-9

subtotal:2 2010/08/28(Sat) 10:06:49 JST-9

subtotal:1 2010/08/25(Wed) 20:36:39 JST-9

subtotal:1 2010/08/28(Sat) 11:55:36 JST-9

subtotal:1 2010/08/25(Wed) 22:54:02 JST-9

119-230-48-129f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [sage] 2010/08/29(Sun) 18:44:00:7PS50L9c0 2010/08/25(Wed) 11:43:02 JST-9 2010/08/27(Fri) 12:40:25 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 13:38:28 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 14:18:40 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 23:43:51 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 11:18:42 JST-9 2010/08/25(Wed) 11:48:03 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 11:00:37 JST-9 2010/08/23(Mon) 09:34:56 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 09:37:15 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 19:30:37 JST-9 2010/08/27(Fri) 13:17:55 JST-9 2010/08/28(Sat) 19:15:48 JST-9
119-230-48-129f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [sage] 2010/08/29(Sun) 18:45:00:7PS50L9c0 2010/08/27(Fri) 12:56:33 JST-9 2010/08/20(Fri) 23:44:44 JST-9 2010/08/25(Wed) 20:13:23 JST-9 2010/08/23(Mon) 09:23:55 JST-9 2010/08/23(Mon) 12:10:31 JST-9 2010/08/27(Fri) 09:26:01 JST-9 2010/08/21(Sat) 12:49:17 JST-9 2010/08/23(Mon) 09:44:24 JST-9 2010/08/21(Sat) 13:08:16 JST-9 2010/08/23(Mon) 09:57:34 JST-9 2010/08/23(Mon) 09:14:48 JST-9 2010/08/26(Thu) 09:57:18 JST-9


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subtotal:1 2010/08/29(Sun) 19:22:55 JST-9
subtotal:1 2010/08/29(Sun) 18:59:31 JST-9
subtotal:1 2010/08/29(Sun) 19:33:49 JST-9 2010/08/29(Sun) 19:37:44 JST-9
subtotal:2 2010/08/29(Sun) 19:03:11 JST-9
subtotal:1 2010/08/29(Sun) 18:50:04 JST-9
subtotal:1 2010/08/29(Sun) 19:43:21 JST-9
subtotal:1 2010/08/29(Sun) 18:57:01 JST-9
subtotal:1 2010/08/29(Sun) 19:19:22 JST-9
subtotal:1 2010/08/29(Sun) 19:13:36 JST-9

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subtotal:1 2010/08/30(Mon) 00:35:34 JST-9 2010/08/30(Mon) 00:38:12 JST-9 2010/08/30(Mon) 00:12:08 JST-9
subtotal:3 2010/08/30(Mon) 00:41:21 JST-9
subtotal:1 2010/08/30(Mon) 00:30:31 JST-9
subtotal:1 2010/08/30(Mon) 00:33:04 JST-9 2010/08/30(Mon) 00:19:51 JST-9
subtotal:2 2010/08/30(Mon) 00:27:56 JST-9
subtotal:1 2010/08/30(Mon) 00:17:13 JST-9
subtotal:1 2010/08/30(Mon) 00:08:32 JST-9

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IPAddress:port Registered date. 2010/08/30(Mon) 19:34:31 JST-9 2010/08/30(Mon) 12:31:06 JST-9 2010/08/30(Mon) 12:55:42 JST-9 2010/08/30(Mon) 09:54:30 JST-9
subtotal:4 2010/08/30(Mon) 09:07:13 JST-9
subtotal:1 2010/08/30(Mon) 08:58:28 JST-9 2010/08/30(Mon) 09:18:05 JST-9
subtotal:2 2010/08/30(Mon) 10:02:26 JST-9
subtotal:1 2010/08/30(Mon) 09:39:59 JST-9
subtotal:1 2010/08/30(Mon) 12:59:56 JST-9 2010/08/30(Mon) 11:00:29 JST-9 2010/08/30(Mon) 11:57:27 JST-9 2010/08/30(Mon) 09:49:32 JST-9 2010/08/30(Mon) 13:23:41 JST-9 2010/08/30(Mon) 18:03:57 JST-9
subtotal:6 2010/08/30(Mon) 10:23:42 JST-9 2010/08/30(Mon) 09:56:58 JST-9
119-230-90-76f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [sage] 2010/08/30(Mon) 22:46:00:3KwaeZBY0 2010/08/30(Mon) 10:55:29 JST-9 2010/08/30(Mon) 09:59:44 JST-9
subtotal:2 2010/08/30(Mon) 10:20:36 JST-9
subtotal:1 2010/08/30(Mon) 09:37:27 JST-9
subtotal:1 2010/08/30(Mon) 09:27:30 JST-9 2010/08/30(Mon) 11:15:21 JST-9 2010/08/30(Mon) 09:31:12 JST-9
subtotal:3 2010/08/30(Mon) 13:06:49 JST-9 2010/08/30(Mon) 10:05:31 JST-9 2010/08/30(Mon) 10:08:05 JST-9
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subtotal:3 2010/08/30(Mon) 12:06:46 JST-9 2010/08/30(Mon) 12:36:29 JST-9 2010/08/30(Mon) 13:39:01 JST-9 2010/08/30(Mon) 12:17:13 JST-9 2010/08/30(Mon) 09:44:56 JST-9
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The reference: Please click following URL when you want to get to know the person who visits this site.
119-230-71-63f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [] 2010/12/11(Sat) 19:44:00:f50cSBo80
Akina's nice short story

Everybody and nice to meet you! I'm Akina.
I'm an one's own pace, and the blog of daily life and the idea to which the photograph readily is suitably exchanged and written.
Please look at my with one's own way patiently if it's good.
If it's possible to point it out readily, I'm welcome because it thinks that there are a lot of points that don't arrive either.
Then, please come from following URL.


Thank you for lending valuable advertising space.
119-230-67-77f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [] 2010/12/14(Tue) 20:48:00:R+iy69k40

Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10_6_5; ja-jp; rv: star-akina.seesaa.net/) AppleWebKit/533.19.4 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.3 Safari/533.19.4
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Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10_6_5; ja-jp; rv: ttp://http://star-akina.seesaa.net/) AppleWebKit/533.19.4 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.3 Safari/533.19.4
blabla [maxasofia@hotmail.com] 2010/12/15(Wed) 03:39:04:FNRONGoM0
nobody give a fockin fock about your focking dresses!!
119-230-71-249f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [] 2011/01/31(Mon) 11:03:00:CCHKRLXP0
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119-230-71-249f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [sage] 2011/01/31(Mon) 11:06:00:CCHKRLXP0












119-230-71-249f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [sage] 2011/01/31(Mon) 11:18:00:CCHKRLXP0
It's the above-mentioned correction.




冒険の書【Lv=2,xxxP】 [] 2011/02/20(Sun) 03:57:43.21:CmqPlvn20
Number 186 and Number 187 fellow are very idiot.

These contributions are slander.
Tomo isn't a net stoker.
The virus isn't trained these sites to do.
Please don't trust these contribution contents.
冒険の書【Lv=2,xxxP】 [] 2011/02/20(Sun) 04:00:28.18:CmqPlvn20
But I remove ttp://www2.atpages.jp/tomo197707/.
Because this is not a site of Tomo.
忍法帖【Lv=8,xxxP】 [] 2011/03/18(Fri) 20:10:34.02:wqOHGLqB0
>Tomo@sapporo isn't a stoker.
>Blog tomo.ldblog.jp is very safe.

He says so.

Must not be deceived to number 186,187,188.
maji [] 2011/10/03(Mon) 21:39:45.40:lyT27ra20
maji [] 2011/10/16(Sun) 17:27:50.06:sce8EHiv0

ti: ou em ou [sage] 2011/11/05(Sat) 06:07:30.35:9UOhWsPm0
Number 186 and number 187's fellow are very idiot.

These contributions are slander.
Tomo isn't a net stoker.
These sites isn't infected by viruses.
Please don't trust these contributions contents.
ti: ou em ou [sage] 2011/11/16(Wed) 02:59:14.14:9yplAMeh0
Number 186 and number 187's fellow are very idiot.

These contributions are slander.
Tomo isn't a net stoker.
These sites are not infected by viruses.
Please don't trust these contributions contents.
119-230-71-145f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [] 2011/11/16(Wed) 11:17:29.79:1DOehG/g0
Tomo@sapporo is LIAR !


Liar's Blog

Liar's Profile
maji [sage] 2011/11/21(Mon) 03:54:11.34:g/jw4EoL0

>IP addrss
>host name s802028.xgsspn.imtp.tachikawa.spmode.ne.jp

Who R U?
You are BANNED!!
David Beckham fan = Elena Oda Vintevecom [] 2011/12/04(Sun) 10:21:57.87:r3KA4N6eO
Let me know if you have any trouble sarch [internet-tv tyosen soccer] at google only!
maji [] 2012/02/09(Thu) 06:03:01.38:g8mNorSk0
Osaka's eonet's fellow = this fellow.

maji [] 2012/02/29(Wed) 19:54:35.91:DropCoIO0
fuck you
maji [] 2013/01/07(Mon) 13:18:27.94:zQXWI2cB0
maji [] 2015/01/02(Fri) 17:09:59.46:1iFLFZBv0
maji [] 2015/01/28(Wed) 01:00:24.66:PgBm64kUO
p pmperor [sage] 2016/04/11(Mon) 00:31:51.85:zqGbaEmm0
N is idiot.


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