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Fucking American!

maji [] 2009/05/21(Thu) 01:24:26:ctgcoNJv0
kill American!
maji [] 2010/05/05(Wed) 07:25:27:IYdSKbgQ0

Would it be that easy? I thought Japan tortured china and russia..?
maji [] 2010/05/12(Wed) 12:20:47:bB7GQR8h0
I like USA's culture. But I know it a little .
maji [] 2010/05/18(Tue) 02:39:21:U/uX3/Vb0
fuck americunts!
maji [] 2010/05/18(Tue) 05:04:31:6hz3qrGI0
Stupid American, eat a cheeseburger!
maji [] 2010/05/20(Thu) 04:06:28:hY+PG5+l0

I would like to eat a cheeseburger
maji [sage] 2010/05/20(Thu) 16:06:27:jPOfS1j/0
whyte ppl i hate u cuz

* 1. u all racist
* 2. u pale as hell
* 3. u fuckin stupid
* 4. u stereotype niggas cuz u all dumb
* 5. ur fat
* 6. u look like marshmellows
* 7. u look like gluesticks
* 8. u close minded
* 9. u jus straight up bitch
* 10. u make me sick
* 11. u all like fishin for sum reason
* 12. u all have dogs
* 13. u think u a good race when u aint even human
* 14.u look ugly as hell
* 15.u a disgrace
* 16. u think u know bout niggas so much when u dont
* 17. u all got faggot ass voices
* 18. u speak like british ppl
* 19. u all gay
* 20. u have no place in hiphop so u shud stop listenin to it
maji [] 2010/05/20(Thu) 22:58:12:R05nN/cv0

That ignorance, ok, you just being ignorant
maji [sage] 2010/05/21(Fri) 09:10:32:roBpKBk50

Laughed hard at the last one.

I have a feeling this is just someone trying to stir up some shit.
maji [] 2010/05/22(Sat) 15:24:18:9EZ3SwrK0

its copypasta, obviously
maji [] 2010/05/23(Sun) 18:44:17:eie/iOvm0
Why is it that Americans are faggots?
Explain in three sentences.
maji [] 2010/05/30(Sun) 13:13:52:nPlo1KGx0
nip bitch is easy
maji [] 2010/05/31(Mon) 22:15:10:su0VqkJe0
american bitch is pig
maji [sage] 2010/05/31(Mon) 22:17:53:0abZoYFdP
maji [] 2010/10/05(Tue) 03:22:09:RFmyTpwy0
American here:
I am sorry.
blabla [maxasofia@hotmail.com] 2010/10/05(Tue) 08:06:04:4y18lS660

*1.I don't give a shit about race
*2.Only when in front of my computer too much time
*3.I speak 4 languages and know more things that you will never know
*4.Again look at (1)
*5.I am 39kg and 19 years old
*6.I can not become bubbles over fire
*7.I can not glow in dark
*8.With all this idea you look also close mided (if not more...)
*9.Again look at (8)
*10.Buy some medics
*11.I donot know how fishing
*12.The only animals in my appartment are cuckroaches
*13.Again look at (1)
*14.It depend to who...
*15.Again (14)
*16.Just lame...
*17.When I speak in the phone the people think i have 40 years old (need to say more?)
*18.I don not even speak english (I am french)
*19.I have girlfriend (and you like even more close minded with that)
*20.I donot listen this shit.
But if you come to my country make a little pass in the suburbs (no little houses, big ruined concrete towers) and say all this to youngs with sweats and knifes.
Let see how long you will live...
blabla [maxasofia@hotmail.com] 2010/10/05(Tue) 08:08:44:4y18lS660
Oh, and I OK with you guys. America is pure big shit!!(but my country look every day more like america ;(
maji [sage] 2010/10/05(Tue) 13:02:41:QFe7wE8w0
U nko S hit A nal
maji [] 2010/10/05(Tue) 19:00:51:HMgKcgZb0
unko morasita no OMAEKA!!!!
maji [] 2010/10/07(Thu) 13:23:07:TWo33gEH0
all yankee guys are gay
FOBnedxHprs [alest.pe@gmail.com] 2010/10/16(Sat) 05:35:42:0aEUcIY30
i have bookmarked for future referrence !. Greets from the Speedy DNS. I love <a href='ttp://speedy-dns.net/www/permanent/toki.2ch.net/'>toki.2ch.net</a>
maji [sage] 2010/12/02(Thu) 02:36:54:jqww5KZ40
hey i think my country is cool :/
hSIPdQDaPLvPOkbi [emai1l@gmail.com] 2010/12/12(Sun) 16:50:56:Tt39LNfh0
egIRhBTOQOrRBcC [emai1l@gmail.com] 2010/12/12(Sun) 17:44:29:Tt39LNfh0
drYRpbRVBiJHHKejd [emai1l@gmail.com] 2010/12/12(Sun) 19:29:54:Tt39LNfh0
maji [] 2010/12/17(Fri) 11:13:41:XPpQPlqgO
maji [] 2010/12/18(Sat) 16:07:31:BKh0VhK70
I'm living the U.S.
I like U.S. people. They are kind for me.
maji [sage] 2010/12/18(Sat) 21:32:50:ANhcSj8p0
de tte iu
maji [] 2010/12/22(Wed) 04:41:45:flH5Cr/x0
No matter
Easy problem
Kow Korea and
Oor country is poor
Dead or alive
And even if you are apes
I adore Korea
Super country is Korea
Unko eaters are Korean
Kick up your testicle
I hate net right
maji [] 2010/12/26(Sun) 06:54:00:rzW+eODVO
maji [] 2011/01/02(Sun) 12:40:47:Z4qGeKoZ0
my body is reggie
maji [] 2011/01/02(Sun) 12:43:08:jeE1dByE0
Mexico was here, America is a Faggot
maji [] 2011/01/02(Sun) 12:44:16:6zElmfo30
4chan /a/ reporting. I'm Chinese by the way.
maji [] 2011/01/02(Sun) 12:45:14:Fx+lg9jw0

Never mind.
maji [] 2011/01/02(Sun) 12:50:23:LruXB0Uk0
Jolly nice to hear you all hold similar viewpoints with regards to the yanks.
I would hope to assume that England is not ranked at the same level as those unfortunate colonials.
maji [] 2011/01/02(Sun) 12:51:56:lf4O1H2V0
I still love america
maji [] 2011/01/02(Sun) 12:55:28:/uA9roni0
I think you nips are just mad that we bombed you back to the stone age when you stepped out of line.
Griffith [] 2011/01/02(Sun) 12:57:42:xwvvGGIJ0
Hello, American here.

why the hate?
after ww2, we americans built Japan's economy and infrastructure from the ground up.
if it wasnt for america, your country would be a dead wasteland.
"never forget atomic bomb!" << bullshit. the bomb was merciful.
if it weren't for the bombs dropped to ensure your surrender, we would have had to invade.
i dont know if you know what i know... but i would prefer only a couple thousand deaths of the bomb over millions of deaths that would have been caused by an invasion.

grow up.
maji [] 2011/01/02(Sun) 12:58:24:iS+A0JFd0


maji [anon@hotmail.de] 2011/01/02(Sun) 12:58:25:uYOfBw0o0
>mfw Japan is surely MAD.
maji [] 2011/01/02(Sun) 13:00:15:3HY1MYgy0
British gentleman here. How do you feel about us?
maji [] 2011/01/02(Sun) 13:00:31:l7RTNQrC0
and what is this?
maji [] 2011/01/02(Sun) 13:02:08:DIB+mNa00
I love america
maji [] 2011/01/02(Sun) 13:04:12:5+nlOxfx0
Guys, I'm pretty sure you scared all the Japs away.

You can stop now. Seriously. This shit is getting out of hand.
maji [] 2011/01/02(Sun) 13:04:13:xwvvGGIJ0
I loving america! america is best!!
maji [] 2011/01/02(Sun) 13:06:36:uYOfBw0o0
America daisuki desu.
maji [] 2011/01/02(Sun) 13:06:54:l7RTNQrC0
The nips can suck our dicks
maji [] 2011/01/02(Sun) 13:09:29:Fx+lg9jw0
>mfw 4chong cancer was fat near me
maji [] 2011/01/02(Sun) 13:42:44:n6cV+tv+0
I'm 12 and what is this?
maji [] 2011/01/02(Sun) 13:44:50:aLnmdk5W0
This shit smells of samefaggotry
maji [] 2011/01/02(Sun) 15:52:58:0mtMr7VP0
Deal with it, Japs
maji [] 2011/01/02(Sun) 17:39:40:13z3OQrN0
maji [] 2011/01/03(Mon) 01:04:12:GZLPwwh+0
All Americans must die!
Americans are shit-eating pigs.
maji [] 2011/01/03(Mon) 08:35:53:2/MUyPcn0
You guys hate america? oh noooooo, but i thought you liked canada and south america!!
maji [] 2011/01/03(Mon) 08:38:52:bFmpS+iO0
What does Japan think about Germany?
maji [] 2011/01/04(Tue) 05:21:31:P8xjTR8SO
Vysh [sage] 2011/01/26(Wed) 14:40:23:b5X30BNs0
What is with this?
maji [sage] 2011/03/30(Wed) 02:13:24.89:iGDSBqUw0
maji [sage] 2011/03/30(Wed) 20:46:30.22:LwA5VG/e0
The japanese I know always respect you.
Being so polite, Germans all love erection. I heard it.
maji [sage] 2011/03/31(Thu) 14:18:41.02:g7xA7CL6O
Yankee Go Home!

maji [sage] 2011/03/31(Thu) 14:21:24.88:g7xA7CL6O
maji [sage] 2011/05/06(Fri) 15:36:08.99:2pK6ZH2i0

I think your writing is a Murder is Announced .

So I report police .
maji [] 2011/07/23(Sat) 21:50:35.41:B/1ZdLpA0
yes. American boob is evil.
maji [sage] 2011/07/23(Sat) 22:02:43.84:tLe5IFWv0
忍法帖【Lv=3,xxxP】 [] 2011/07/25(Mon) 20:53:29.34:w1uR9aQz0
maji [sage] 2011/08/31(Wed) 16:30:29.19:BVUsrbNC0
Oh god the amount of engrish in this thread made me laugh.Thanks, 2ch.
Takeshi Kitano [sage] 2011/09/06(Tue) 12:49:36.76:xEW/HJqZ0
I know "Fucking Japs", asshole!
(Fakkin jappu gurai wakaru yo, Bakayaro!)
maji [] 2011/09/25(Sun) 06:36:25.54:LyreptUi0
Most Americans like Japanese people! And a lot of American men think that
Japanese women are beautiful. Maybe that's why you're mad? Anyway, Koreans
are much worse than Americans. Let's work together to kill all Koreans.
maji [] 2011/09/26(Mon) 01:39:25.59:9dmMUT/w0
maji [] 2011/09/27(Tue) 00:24:30.38:reIMF9bM0
忍法帖【Lv=1,xxxP】 [] 2011/10/10(Mon) 23:58:27.91:hwUgoy3g0
Ame-kou is rich.
maji [] 2011/10/17(Mon) 07:23:04.82:2Itw4fc30
amekou are satan.
maji [] 2011/10/24(Mon) 20:14:45.78:6ByeY1Y00
Die Ame-kou!
maji [sage] 2011/10/25(Tue) 11:47:39.07:9j3I4wpi0
There are too many guys who are out of order in U.S.A.
忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】 [] 2011/11/11(Fri) 11:09:03.58:Y6c8m8h60
fuck usa.
あぼーん [あぼーん] NGNG
maji [] 2011/11/14(Mon) 00:25:08.29:+Cwkcmlq0

maji [] 2011/12/20(Tue) 03:18:06.98:yOCAZ4Q50
The american is the nigger in the world.
maji [] 2011/12/20(Tue) 11:48:22.34:ah5KQXE30

You're just jealous because we're the superior country.
maji [sage] 2011/12/21(Wed) 12:00:25.49:EgFrUag70
maji [sage] 2012/01/05(Thu) 00:57:19.86:xMLvfHGv0

Yo dick is too stinky smelling.
Get out from the Earth!
maji [] 2012/01/06(Fri) 15:25:51.27:5iLrM6FW0

Cry harder.
maji [] 2012/01/09(Mon) 15:44:39.94:YE/otCUc0
maji [sage] 2012/01/09(Mon) 22:20:28.09:K0tr5gDt0

Its just a parody of John Lennon/Yoko Ono song. On this song, nigger means slave.
maji [sage] 2012/01/09(Mon) 22:22:24.98:K0tr5gDt0

LOL questioner failed.
Why always chiebukuro users asking with long question?
Why not can't so simple question?
maji [] 2012/03/29(Thu) 16:55:52.77:a+N2WRLl0

you are not japanese
you are korean
maji [] 2012/03/30(Fri) 12:59:23.78:PTWxfTjq0
We love Billy Herrington
maji [] 2012/04/05(Thu) 23:34:28.35:xKM0Ju2b0
I admit that the US is surely strong.
However the US does not have a piece of fragment of
what's called dignity of the king either.
As it were, the behavior of the US seems to be a barbarian.
Therefore the US does not get respect from all over the world, I think.
maji [noko] 2012/07/14(Sat) 13:56:07.44:le0BISCA0
Just lurking around 2chan

I am confused by Nihon culture, but I love it.

maji [] 2012/08/28(Tue) 05:49:46.69:m/j1SIM1O
I'm not ,but I'd
like to say something
similar as one of the
Japanese to .
Shame on you!
Think about the words
you are going to use,
before you use them.
You suddenly shouted
dirty words without the
explanation of your
emotion or aggression
against American people.
Your behavior is really
unacceptable unless you
are mentally brokendown
or deranged.
忍法帖【Lv=6,xxxP】 [sage] 2012/09/01(Sat) 10:29:29.40:Gx4RxqdG0
maji [] 2012/09/06(Thu) 01:05:13.52:8mtyBTT70
I am homo
maji [] 2012/09/17(Mon) 23:16:21.95:ylLgs5fY0
An American Indian elder described his own inner struggles this way:
[Inside of me there two dogs. One of the dogs is mean and evil.
The other dog is good. The mean dog fights the good dog all the time.]
When asked which dog wins, he reflected for a moment and replied,
[The one I feed the most.]
maji [] 2012/09/21(Fri) 04:55:32.50:fkcnKb9J0
Guys stop fighting! The Japanese are cool. Lets all be friends.
maji [] 2012/09/22(Sat) 16:08:06.28:/RMhhLQt0
I hate american so much
maji [] 2012/09/22(Sat) 20:27:19.14:c2TvSFaP0

Yeah, seeing you are one, it's for good reason.
maji [sage] 2012/10/05(Fri) 15:18:43.81:tOADG4PlO
I think American always battles each other for first-food on the restaurant.
maji [] 2012/12/01(Sat) 10:21:57.25:eXhtejCu0
Squint more, cry less.
maji [sage] 2012/12/01(Sat) 16:57:49.14:CTp7/oJg0
Ragtime Dance
Maple Leaf Rag
Pine Apple Rag
Easy Winner
The Entertainer
maji [] 2012/12/13(Thu) 09:40:32.16:8ulX2+O10

Really? John Lennon told me woman is the nigger of the world.

Western culture is less about formality. America embraces rebellion and individuality.
We are barbarians in Japan, but you are pompous in America.
maji [] 2012/12/24(Mon) 17:06:01.16:VXpDdNvw0


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