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ChokanjiV Eng.Ver. JPN'sOS BTRON

maji [] 2009/10/17(Sat) 19:51:27:qwq36RsX0

Japanese OS "Chokanji V English Language Kit"
converts menus, dialog boxes, etc.
to English language for systems with Chokanji V.

Once the language kit has been installed,
the display language can be easily selected
by using the "Language Switch" available on the Utility menu.

Sample Screen Shot
maji [] 2009/10/17(Sat) 19:55:26:qwq36RsX0
BTRON Antenna
maji [] 2009/10/17(Sat) 19:57:23:qwq36RsX0
for Asia
maji [] 2009/10/17(Sat) 20:07:24:qwq36RsX0

Personal Media Corporation is currently marketing
three BTRON-specification products to the general public in Japan.

These are the 16-bit BTRON1-specification 1B/V3 operating system
with three configurations of bundled applications
for IBM-PC/AT compatibles (referred to as "DOS/V" machines in Japan),
the micro-BTRON-specification personal digital assistant (PDA) called TiPO Plus
(the TiPO hardware is manufactured by Seiko Instruments Inc.),
and the 32-bit BTRON3-specification B-right/V operating system
and bundled software. Although these outstanding products
are only available in Japanese versions at present,
we are including three galleries below to enable personal computer enthusiasts
in foreign countries to get a feel
for the exciting new TRON-based personal computing culture
that is gradually coming into existence in Japan.
maji [] 2009/10/17(Sat) 20:10:51:qwq36RsX0
Resourceful TRON

What is "Cho-Kanji" ?

What is "Cho-Kanji"(Super Chinese Characters) ???
I'm going to explain the OS, named "Cho-Kanji"(meaning Super Chinese Characters) in the news
which is often introduced on TV and newspapers.

BTRON3 Specification Based OS, "Cho-Kanji"
"Cho-Kanji" is an operating system(0S) which runs on PC/AT (compatible) machines,
and a Japanese company, named "Personal-Media Corp." has developped and is selling now.

Data Compatibility with TAD
"Cho-Kanji" has a common data system named TAD, TRON Application Databus.

TAD has 2 aspects; one is a data, such as a text data or a picture data,
to be normally used with several aplication softwares, and the other one is a specific data, named "Post-It",
peculiar to an application, and you can mix both of them in one text.

For instance, a tab-seperated data written in a word processor can be opened
by a spread-sheet without a data conversion step,
and you can search any word through not only a text data but also a spread-sheet data and picture data
by a special free-software.

maji [] 2009/10/17(Sat) 20:11:56:qwq36RsX0
Easy Manipulation
As "Cho-Kanji" has been designed to use a GUI system from the beginning, you can use it efficiently,
and it runs very smoothly on a machine with small hardware resource.

Because of this, you can run "Cho-Kanji" on old machins
on which other brand-new operating systems can NOT run.

Needless to say that the booting time of "Cho-Kanji" is very fast,
each application software is also designed so simply that you do not have to wait in operating.

Cf: For your information, I'm going to tell you the booting time of my machines.

One of my machines with Celeron 500MHz, it boots within 10 seconds, and another one with Pentium
133MHz boots within 20 seconds.
maji [] 2009/10/17(Sat) 20:12:47:qwq36RsX0
BTRON as a topic
"Cho-Kanji" is based on BTRON, Business TRON.

BTRON is a the specification for personal computers and/or work-station,
developped by Prof. Sakamura, Ken of the University of Tokyo in 1984 in his "TRON Project",
and it has the special and unique feature that anyone can operate easiy according to the easy basic rule,
named "TRON Manner".

Owing to the "TRON Manner", for example, you can use the same method
to move a group of words in a word processor when you use a different application software,
such as a drawing editor or a spread sheet, after learning the basic manner of its operation.

And the concept of "Enable-Ware" is also embedded for the purpose that anyone can use computers.

In this case, "anyone" means anyone literally and includes children, aged-people, and physically challenging people.
maji [] 2009/10/17(Sat) 20:13:57:qwq36RsX0
Resourceful TRON

I'm going to show you what I'm interested in,
which are "TRON Project" and "Temple
& Shrine Geometry"(called "San-Gaku" in Japanese) here,
so that you may find something resourceful and creative,
I wish. I'm sure that you can achieve a resourceful life
with a resourceful operating system, which is TRON.
maji [] 2009/10/17(Sat) 20:14:56:qwq36RsX0

Welcome to TRON Web, the new, official overseas news source for the TRON Project.

In TRON Web you will find all the information you need to learn about
and keep up on developments concerning the TRON Architecture, a unique,
general-purpose (read "total") computer architecture that has been expressly
designed for linking together the wide array of computer systems used in human society today,
in addition to new types of computer systems that will come into use in the 21st century.
maji [] 2009/10/17(Sat) 20:16:06:qwq36RsX0
maji [] 2009/10/17(Sat) 20:24:50:qwq36RsX0
T-Engine Forum

Chairman's Greeting

The TRON Project has established the T-Engine Project to offer an open,
real-time standardized development environment
with the aim of achieving a ubiquitous computing environment
where everything has a computer incorporated in it and is connected to a network.

T-Engine offers the most suitable development environment
for the efficient development of portable information devices
and home electronic appliances and other network devices in a short period of time.

The TRON Project's network security architecture, eTRON, has also been incorporated in T-Engine.

This eTRON subarchitecture is intended to prevent tapping, falsification,
and disguise of malicious users
so that electronic information can be safely delivered
to the other party through insecure network channels such as the Internet.

For efficient development, the hardware (T-Engine board)
and real-time operating system (T-Kernel) are standardized
and distribution of middleware is encouraged. Moreover,

T-Engine is able to facilitate collaboration among chip makers,
hardware makers, software makers and system manufacturers,
encourage mutual business dealings,
reduce development time and cost,
thus enabling product offerings
with a high additional value in a short period of time.

The combination of advanced semiconductors, packaging and software technologies in T-Engine
makes it suitable and unrivaled for the development of advanced application products.

Based on the outline mentioned above,
the T-Engine forum has been established to develop and research,
and to contribute to the overall promotion of T-Engine.

Ken Sakamura
maji [] 2009/10/17(Sat) 20:39:28:qwq36RsX0
Denboogu TiPO Gallery

For people who support the TRON Project and love the BTRON architecture,
the appearance of BrainPad TiPO/Denboogu TiPO is an exciting and historic event.

This tiny personal computing device that weighs roughly 300 grams
and fits in the palm of your hand offers workstation functionality,
showing just what a outstanding architecture the BTRON architecture really is. Moreover,
it can run for up to 50 hours using just two penlight batteries!

How many other PDAs on the market are in this class?


maji [] 2009/10/17(Sat) 23:48:09:LeZuUWI50
Use Linux
maji [] 2009/10/18(Sun) 11:00:29:bMF1FrDX0

TRON is anti-UNIX.

UNIX is a machine on your machine.
TRON is an extension of your brain.
maji [] 2009/10/18(Sun) 13:52:01:tkYREMlt0

maji [] 2009/10/18(Sun) 17:21:12:422KsuK40
Bleh, if its coded by the Japanese then I'm not interested. Their coding is always bloated and inefficient.
maji [] 2009/10/18(Sun) 22:03:26:tkYREMlt0

No. You are incorrect.
maji [] 2009/10/19(Mon) 06:22:48:jUoIbz300

Then why are eroge games always 2.5 gigs in size?
They're just a bunch of static images and midi files!
maji [] 2009/10/20(Tue) 16:09:04:dBFUC6AL0

Are you Hentai?
maji [] 2009/10/20(Tue) 18:49:06:k/2p4LRC0

maji [] 2009/10/21(Wed) 06:07:39:s2bfIo2Y0

maji [] 2009/10/21(Wed) 08:59:26:aqTHo2Ct0

You might like to know, the term "hentai" has become a loanword in the english language.

In english, "hentai" is used to refer to pornographic japanese animation.
maji [] 2009/10/24(Sat) 14:25:58:E/dyR2FX0
maji [sage] 2009/10/28(Wed) 14:18:50:H2XpGDbA0
BTRON is Japanese OS.
BTRON is the best of OSs.

BTRON is easy.
BTRON is deep.

Like Wii.
maji [] 2009/11/01(Sun) 18:50:15:LdcH29Hu0
Wii likes BTRON.
tak [] 2009/11/04(Wed) 00:15:29:tg70IokQi
To write it in two channels, is the Japanese who is reading the paper book in the train of Japan studying English?
maji [sage] 2009/11/14(Sat) 22:53:34:kjgM2wdDO
your right.
maji [] 2010/02/28(Sun) 20:22:54:uShEjpoZ0
Oh...Oh, My!!!

bchan - BTRON 2ch Browser
2ch,bchan.BTRON [age] 2010/03/15(Mon) 18:44:04:YiFAbinG0

bchan - BTRON 2ch browser -
maji [sage] 2010/03/16(Tue) 00:29:46:Rp2pYab50

Fuck you and your changes in word semantics that arise from ignorance.
johan [spicy_puppy@hotmail.com] 2010/03/31(Wed) 23:44:54:5PEfaJqg0
so where can i download the pc tron os ??? is it avalible in english ?? can u use it on any pc ?
plaease help , would really like to try it.
maji [sage] 2010/09/17(Fri) 08:00:17:F9xRn2rh0
Mr. Six Tenders
maji [] 2010/09/17(Fri) 18:27:48:B+YqZl760

> so where can i download the pc tron os ???


> is it avalible in english ??


> can u use it on any pc ?

VM BTRON is yes.
BTRON can be avalable on windows machine.
180-144-82-79f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp [] 2010/12/11(Sat) 20:09:00:7TDRw6c90
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maji [] 2011/10/18(Tue) 13:35:37.28:TuDJiI2I0

【39.8m】 dennouprion 【東電 76.5 %】 [sage] 2012/06/09(Sat) 15:27:23.60:BjHWCOzZ0
Is there anyone who use BTRON?
忍法帖【Lv=2,xxxP】(1+0:8) 【Ddejima1395139721958219】 [sage] 2014/03/18(Tue) 19:49:57.40:CSlL4A0x0
maji [sage] 2016/09/23(Fri) 23:42:39.69:U5D3tqB90
Japanese crazy boy2



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