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Do you have a job?

maji [] 2009/10/25(Sun) 18:55:28:a06Zya460
Lets's study English to find a good job.
maji [] 2009/10/25(Sun) 18:59:11:NdEroD46P
i think that we cant get a good job if
we study english. lol
maji [] 2009/10/25(Sun) 21:09:54:Kj3xYQP90
If you're in Japan I don't see how studying english will help you with job applications.

unless you are talking about overseas work.
maji [] 2009/10/25(Sun) 22:21:42:NdEroD46P
i want to have a job at lehman brothers or something. lol
maji [] 2009/10/25(Sun) 22:35:20:Kj3xYQP90
learn how to beg the government for money then
maji [] 2009/10/25(Sun) 22:42:41:NdEroD46P
mah, dark job is more or less necessary for every company.
the condition to be a maneger is making money in crisis.
they should make effort with build a connection to govenment.
its too dark and dirty.
its crazy. lol
maji [] 2009/10/25(Sun) 23:59:06:NCvKykI7P
ahyahya. beg
maji [sage] 2009/10/26(Mon) 07:52:51:MQDNm5Dp0
i am shabekuri english
maji [] 2009/10/26(Mon) 08:11:23:PljFHz1PP
nah, which is more important to get a new job,
english skills or toeic score?
maji [] 2009/10/26(Mon) 15:55:36:i63nR6xF0
it is a wasete of time.
maji [] 2009/10/26(Mon) 18:20:01:PljFHz1PP
ahyahya. beg
maji [] 2009/10/26(Mon) 22:09:55:Lmi34ZXA0
My current job is at a convenience store. Prior to that I was a lifeguard.

Prior to that I was beach resort door greeter. Prior to that I was a video rental clerk.

Prior to that I was a security guard. Prior to that I was an arcade attendant. Prior to that I was a kitchen worker.
maji [] 2009/10/26(Mon) 23:10:41:PljFHz1PP
maji [] 2009/10/27(Tue) 12:10:49:5adgQs2UP
job is not everything in life.
we dont have to dare to be victimized.
dont care about jobs. lol
maji [] 2009/10/27(Tue) 23:11:07:PjSRMpVJ0
having no job often means rich.
maji [sage] 2009/10/30(Fri) 02:12:17:rrpcoNAt0
We are sometimes in a trade-off between time and money.
maji [] 2009/12/05(Sat) 22:32:32:oqrRuDI50
i want money but i don't wanna work
maji [] 2010/02/09(Tue) 02:21:19:MYg3KtH2P
your job is not only for money.
maji [] 2010/02/09(Tue) 21:09:34:jIIJFFWBO
say no way, say no way, yo no way
why dont you get a job?
maji [] 2010/02/10(Wed) 23:26:07:jGoJhKdIP
do you quit your company if you get money enough
to survive until you die?
maji [] 2010/02/11(Thu) 04:30:10:TdwljDVo0
yes, ofcource!
maji [] 2010/02/11(Thu) 09:13:39:2lgWnYdI0

It depends on how much one enjoys their work.
I would quit in a heartbeat if I could.
maji [] 2010/02/11(Thu) 15:51:37:8BMh5Uct0
job is blind.
maji [] 2010/02/11(Thu) 20:00:14:Es072YwYO

sounds great!
whats your job?
maji [] 2010/03/07(Sun) 05:25:07:Ss+wXItvP
new yourk or los angeles may be full of jobless
and homeless ppl since the lehman shock davastated
american finance.
how do they survive with no money?
maji [] 2010/03/07(Sun) 06:02:22:scxNmQux0
Jobless is paradise.
maji [] 2010/03/07(Sun) 08:22:18:Ss+wXItvP
heh, you are rich.
maji [] 2010/03/08(Mon) 01:13:48:eEAXWFu4P
the number of neet ppl is expected to be still increasing
even in tokyo.
more and more ppl are losing their job.
the employment problem is serious.
maji [] 2010/05/25(Tue) 21:13:35:zXiz57/20
I got a good blow job for to study English lol
maji [] 2010/05/27(Thu) 04:55:31:iKd8yn9N0

Homeless people scavenge, or panhandle for money and food. But most of them just spend
every dollar they get on booze.
maji [] 2010/05/28(Fri) 23:18:15:ixWkHtiG0
Det. Hyogo Takami vs Daughter's army
maji [sage] 2010/05/30(Sun) 08:15:39:JUOhFL+r0
maji [] 2010/06/02(Wed) 23:30:41:QftEE1b80
maji [] 2010/06/03(Thu) 05:22:49:G8G80kI/0
Mexico [fca_mex@yahoo.com] 2010/06/03(Thu) 17:54:45:IiyhxPQg0
I am the oposite, I live in USA and I want to Lear Japanese to go work there !!!
maji [sage] 2010/06/04(Fri) 00:09:47:Dh9rTuGV0
maji [] 2010/06/05(Sat) 17:47:02:U4DiijqMO
Im professional gay
maji [] 2010/06/06(Sun) 21:39:56:HX+3oY4AO
porn actor
maji [] 2010/06/18(Fri) 05:19:37:IdFvMi4AP
when it comes to jobless ppl, we know that
a lot of ppl are still losing there job, especially
in america, after lehman shock in america.
where do they go after they lose their job?
south america or africa?
maji [] 2010/10/08(Fri) 10:33:28:F3RJjHz5i
I have toeic score 94 points oh yeah
baidu [] 2010/10/11(Mon) 11:58:56:q4ctSiB20
Of cuse , student
maji [] 2010/10/11(Mon) 12:11:23:/NjZt/Ub0
ofcourse, neet.
maji [sage] 2010/10/12(Tue) 10:19:50:DsImk2880

Yes, I do. I am a guard of my home.
maji [] 2010/10/20(Wed) 09:30:20:1EJeq+If0
no one is here.
maji [sage] 2010/10/20(Wed) 16:35:22:c0OHaiS6P
everybody is going to job or school in this time
now 2ch user is only neet
maji [sage] 2010/10/20(Wed) 22:15:14:4fybRJ2YP
jobless neet ppl should look for a
full time job asap.
maji [] 2010/10/22(Fri) 18:53:14:+jaeuaq+P
maji [sage] 2010/10/23(Sat) 22:43:17:SBLgVGSK0
no more kocodenq.
maji [sage] 2010/10/23(Sat) 22:51:12:/pLiRrPx0
Oh , my god!
maji [] 2010/10/23(Sat) 23:00:35:h7CA795R0
i love you.
maji [] 2010/10/24(Sun) 04:31:32:+xmdVRVz0
you are neet.
maji [sage] 2010/10/25(Mon) 22:25:52:Y5btBHJb0
No, I am a unco generator.
maji [] 2010/10/27(Wed) 07:22:03:34EByuKaP
I am teen neet
maji [] 2010/10/29(Fri) 09:14:49:+AT2XOHYO
tyuugokuji shine
maji [sage] 2010/10/29(Fri) 13:15:26:n7jFf36tO
ore no pasokon kowareta sinitai
mou onani- site neru ka
maji [] 2010/10/30(Sat) 04:31:29:0oqsjHMTP
PC "kono kimowota kyoumo onani- siteruyo... utuda kowareyou"
maji [sage] 2010/11/22(Mon) 19:26:12:iCGnzu2N0
fxxk salaryfag
maji [sage] 2010/12/01(Wed) 08:11:25:bn9rf9UEP
I had a job...
maji [sage] 2010/12/04(Sat) 14:19:27:18D8tkKHP
you are jobless neet.
maji [] 2011/03/07(Mon) 04:49:44.10:IYWNiE08P
maji [] 2011/03/10(Thu) 07:56:45.21:uMgtucmq0
The world is so dometivating that I will probably end up with no work at all.
I hope it doesn't happen though.
maji [sage] 2011/05/06(Fri) 15:51:57.70:2pK6ZH2i0
I want jab.
maji [sage] 2011/05/31(Tue) 23:19:35.94:Exa5NlH8O
seishain death
maji [sage] 2011/05/31(Tue) 23:37:41.76:+3xL11iGP
nani no dayo
maji [] 2011/07/24(Sun) 21:26:24.25:XTPsc5v10
Yes! Blow Job.
maji [] 2011/08/06(Sat) 16:12:22.06:Q0kDIfiv0
iwant unearned income
maji [sage] 2011/08/19(Fri) 09:23:54.08:LD667xt00
no job!
maji [sage] 2011/08/20(Sat) 15:01:23.36:lFJWDvGu0
hey! cut it out!
忍法帖【Lv=29,xxxPT】 [sage] 2011/08/28(Sun) 23:48:24.89:vDOtcSwt0
maji [] 2011/09/28(Wed) 15:15:15.96:QPThP6s50
musyoku(no job) death
maji [] 2011/09/29(Thu) 02:54:20.22:ipJai4z00
lolololol japanese people.
maji [] 2011/10/16(Sun) 02:37:03.56:sce8EHiv0

maji [] 2011/10/30(Sun) 01:10:46.47:dvFEJUFR0

maji [sage] 2012/03/31(Sat) 03:59:17.80:ge6o4bom0
【15.3m】 dennouprion 【関電 68.8 %】 [sage] 2012/06/03(Sun) 13:22:40.68:TgloJ9Ot0
maji [sage] 2013/07/07(Sun) NY:AN:NY.AN:Lh+d069j0
mu shock
maji [sage] 2013/07/08(Mon) NY:AN:NY.AN:lfV29lbF0
no no no
maji [sage] 2013/07/16(Tue) NY:AN:NY.AN:PdtBxvci0
no job is
cecilia [america.condelle@outlook.jp] 2013/07/29(Mon) NY:AN:NY.AN:xx4ktna00!
i teach english!
maji [] 2013/07/30(Tue) NY:AN:NY.AN:TxMw6XGg0
I am english.
maji [] 2013/08/09(Fri) NY:AN:NY.AN:z/0vlbUT0
he he he
maji [] 2013/08/11(Sun) NY:AN:NY.AN:H8YXfhm00
she she she


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