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My English homework is hard.

maji [] 2010/08/21(Sat) 15:11:21:Nm/dF95w0
oh my god
maji [] 2010/08/21(Sat) 15:16:17:Nm/dF95w0
1. How do you spell your name?

a. cook eggs
b. fold a paper crane
c. do your eyebrows
d. like my new hairdo
e. use this machine

maji [] 2010/08/21(Sat) 15:17:13:Nm/dF95w0
fuck my homeworks!!
maji [sage] 2010/08/21(Sat) 15:58:34:M/dTL7YR0
It is a problem of going mad.
maji [] 2010/08/21(Sat) 17:40:23:Nm/dF95w0

Is right answer "e" ?
I don't know!!
Do you see?
baidu [] 2010/08/21(Sat) 18:04:40:ysjEegwQ0
use google
baidu [] 2010/08/21(Sat) 18:05:53:ysjEegwQ0
google translate
baidu [] 2010/08/21(Sat) 18:07:01:ysjEegwQ0
Anybody here /
I'm very boring ... ...
baidu [] 2010/08/21(Sat) 18:08:14:ysjEegwQ0
And my dear friend ,calm down ... ...
baidu [] 2010/08/21(Sat) 18:10:46:ysjEegwQ0
Every things will change
also your homework is no exception
baidu [] 2010/08/21(Sat) 18:18:29:ysjEegwQ0
Who can help me about this problem ?
1.I still can't believe my eyes when I remember the scene( )the best player should miss the pass.
A.that B.which C. where D. whom
maji [] 2010/08/21(Sat) 18:31:39:Nm/dF95w0
baidu [] 2010/08/21(Sat) 18:35:32:ysjEegwQ0
baidu [] 2010/08/21(Sat) 18:38:06:ysjEegwQ0
Are you in vacation?
baidu [] 2010/08/21(Sat) 18:40:10:ysjEegwQ0
Like summer vacation
maji [] 2010/08/21(Sat) 18:59:01:Nm/dF95w0
yes yes I am a student.
maji [sage] 2010/08/21(Sat) 19:18:23:tGF7+W/G0
We're all motherfuckers
maji [] 2010/08/21(Sat) 19:24:36:Nm/dF95w0
What mean is "motherfucker"?
Did you have such a experience?
.... with your mother?
maji [sage] 2010/08/21(Sat) 19:26:22:tGF7+W/G0
or we're all cocksuckers
maji [] 2010/08/21(Sat) 20:13:33:Nm/dF95w0
maji [] 2010/08/21(Sat) 20:44:35:tGF7+W/G0
Cuz we're all motherfuckers and cocksuckers
baidu [] 2010/08/21(Sat) 22:27:02:dM44137y0
I'm late
baidu [] 2010/08/21(Sat) 22:29:44:dM44137y0
I'm a student too .Are you study in high school ,or middle school?
maji [] 2010/08/22(Sun) 07:44:48:odtObGdF0
Good morning everybody!
It is also fair weather today.

maji [] 2010/08/22(Sun) 07:48:48:odtObGdF0
What is "middle school"?
I am a junior high school student.

Are middle school and junior high school same meaning?
maji [] 2010/08/22(Sun) 07:55:14:CpZXRkFx0
middle school is the same as high school
maji [] 2010/08/22(Sun) 07:56:20:odtObGdF0
He looked at Jack for comment, and Jack flashed the PR smile again,
large and insultingly toothy.
maji [] 2010/08/22(Sun) 07:58:04:odtObGdF0

thanks. I got it.
maji [] 2010/08/22(Sun) 08:04:25:CpZXRkFx0

Are you asking how to interpret that sentence?
maji [] 2010/08/22(Sun) 08:12:20:odtObGdF0
Ullman said: "The Overlook was built in the years 1907 to 1909.
The closest town is Sidewinder, forty miles east of here over roads that are closed
from sometime in late October or November until sometime in April.
A man named Robert Townley Watson built it, the grandfather of our present maintenance man.
Vanderbilts have stayed here, and Rockefellers, and Astors, and Du Ponts.
Four Presidents have stayed in the Presidential Suite, Wilson, Harding, Roosevelt, and Nixon."
maji [] 2010/08/22(Sun) 08:16:20:odtObGdF0

Thanks for your kindness.

I'm reading "The Shining" by Stephen King.
So I just wrote this sentence here.
maji [] 2010/08/22(Sun) 08:21:51:CpZXRkFx0

Oh, I got it. I thought these sentences are difficult for students.
Reading novel is good for studying English. Keep doing it.
maji [] 2010/08/22(Sun) 09:12:13:odtObGdF0
yeah, Parts of these sentences are still difficult for me.
English teacher said us "Read English novels."
So I'm reading it.
maji [] 2010/08/22(Sun) 09:45:44:CpZXRkFx0
I think reading American or British novel is not so efficient. Before understanding English, you need to study American history, culture, or society.
These factors are just a knowledge, so you don't need to be bothered by them if you want to improve your English reading skill.

Japanese translated novel would be good. Haruki Murakami's works are translated into English, and some light novels, such as Haruhi Suzumiya, are also available in English.
You can find them on Amazon.co.jp.
maji [] 2010/08/22(Sun) 10:04:30:odtObGdF0

wow. thank you very much!
Nice advice!
maji [] 2010/08/22(Sun) 11:44:10:HcUUtaOJ0
goo mornin maza faka
maji [sage] 2010/08/22(Sun) 12:29:37:8YWrAIv50
Let's refrain from the filthy term.
maji [] 2010/08/22(Sun) 14:29:28:CpZXRkFx0
Knowing swear words are necessary in a specific context to communicate with each other.
I don't play online games, but they use slang when they play, don't they?
baidu [] 2010/08/22(Sun) 15:15:42:Kd9ad5FD0
Online games? I don't like thhat , I think PC games is more interesting
than online games ... ... Like Call of Duty5 and 6
maji [sage] 2010/08/25(Wed) 18:31:38:68Fv/Rxs0
Eroge is beautiful!!
baidu [] 2010/08/26(Thu) 18:38:27:ev4zEU8i0
who is Eroge
maji [sage] 2010/08/26(Thu) 21:04:05:z4TzBKfM0
eroge is the abbreviation of ero(pornography)+game, not someone's name
maji [] 2010/08/28(Sat) 12:24:39:o+3C5JLm0
I don't like eroge
baidu [] 2010/08/28(Sat) 19:20:26:KvYyFOys0
me too
maji [] 2010/08/28(Sat) 22:11:58:MAqJ3Sa60
Almost all Eroge characters looks like freak.
maji [sage] 2010/08/28(Sat) 22:22:46:o+3C5JLm0
The crazier the charachers are, the more popular they become. That is the question.
maji [sage] 2010/08/29(Sun) 13:18:41:z14Vuudy0
Have you finished all of your summer homework?
maji [sage] 2010/08/29(Sun) 22:47:15:zN0MiOB00
Will you finish all of your winter homework?
maji [sage] 2010/08/30(Mon) 00:54:07:+Y4nM1rW0
i donno, i hope i will
baidu [] 2010/08/30(Mon) 11:26:11:kj0Exu/r0
No vacation homework
maji [sage] 2010/08/31(Tue) 01:34:48:QTF7Jty30
The summer will end soon!!!
maji [sage] 2010/09/01(Wed) 00:30:44:J1gjAsB50
The new semester will start soon!! Where is my homework?
maji [] 2010/09/03(Fri) 12:04:19:+m6Y9s/u0
The new semester has already started.
And I have to take the exam next week! Why exam?
baidu [] 2010/09/06(Mon) 11:39:16:zc1PgdSF0
The summer vacation has end
blabla [maxasofia@hotmail.com] 2010/09/11(Sat) 18:57:20:pniUW2HW0
34. learning this is waste of time. America have no culture and no history.
Heh [] 2010/09/15(Wed) 19:36:52:/M5wJF470
America ain't the only country which speaks English...
blabla [maxasofia@hotmail.com] 2010/09/17(Fri) 21:20:19:5+QPSWRG0
I was speaking to 34
忍法帖【Lv=2,xxxP】 [sage] 2011/06/07(Tue) 22:12:57.06:LutNu4+wP

I know, many people are living in America who speaks different languages.
But usually, English is spoken by America.
忍法帖【Lv=3,xxxP】 [sage] 2011/06/12(Sun) 17:12:32.89:hKYlG9gE0
忍法帖【Lv=3,xxxP】 [sage] 2011/06/12(Sun) 17:15:48.95:hKYlG9gE0
忍法帖【Lv=3,xxxP】 [sage] 2011/06/12(Sun) 17:42:51.34:hKYlG9gE0
忍法帖【Lv=3,xxxP】 [sage] 2011/06/13(Mon) 09:10:54.07:KeQ1ACie0
忍法帖【Lv=3,xxxP】 [sage] 2011/06/13(Mon) 09:26:08.11:KeQ1ACie0
忍法帖【Lv=4,xxxP】 [sage] 2011/06/14(Tue) 09:11:15.12:13+SRsUi0
忍法帖【Lv=4,xxxP】 [sage] 2011/06/14(Tue) 12:35:01.02:13+SRsUi0
忍法帖【Lv=3,xxxP】 [sage] 2011/06/14(Tue) 17:22:39.92:WNY+j5N10
忍法帖【Lv=3,xxxP】 [sage] 2011/06/14(Tue) 20:37:45.37:WNY+j5N10
忍法帖【Lv=5,xxxP】 [sage] 2011/06/15(Wed) 09:09:13.40:SfEjB8TD0
忍法帖【Lv=4,xxxP】 [sage] 2011/06/16(Thu) 02:17:07.62:t27iv5l70
忍法帖【Lv=4,xxxP】 [sage] 2011/06/16(Thu) 02:22:01.21:t27iv5l70
忍法帖【Lv=6,xxxP】 [sage] 2011/06/16(Thu) 12:31:57.46:t27iv5l70
忍法帖【Lv=6,xxxP】 [sage] 2011/06/16(Thu) 14:50:29.86:t27iv5l70
maji [] 2011/06/17(Fri) 19:22:23.20:GDdIgDE90,, June 19, 2010, View Records.,, June 19, 2010, View Records.,, June 19, 2010, View Records.,, June 19, 2010, View Records
maji [sage] 2011/07/07(Thu) 00:15:25.56:36PQYyHy0
arrogance chihirokoshi
忍法帖【Lv=8,xxxP】 [sage] 2011/07/12(Tue) 07:42:07.38:vfGnwOJc0
maji [sage] 2011/07/17(Sun) 14:31:55.64:jPbtMSM70
Im Gyousya. otsudesu.
忍法帖【Lv=4,xxxP】 [] 2011/07/29(Fri) 20:28:11.45:Z3Vz1DBr0
thanks idiot.
maji [sage] 2011/08/28(Sun) 22:29:23.14:vfP2qKCO0
maji [] 2011/10/14(Fri) 04:04:13.00:VUOkRz+G0

maji [sage] 2011/10/23(Sun) 17:07:12.69:7P4VBD+M0
maji [sage] 2012/05/21(Mon) 19:13:06.91:nMesuVhs0
No, middle school is junior high.
81 [sage] 2012/05/21(Mon) 19:13:51.71:nMesuVhs0
Damn, that didn't work the way I expected it to.
【32.2m】 dennouprion 【凶】 [sage] 2012/07/01(Sun) 20:25:33.92:5KxgtwPZ0
I don't have.
maji [] 2012/12/13(Thu) 10:05:13.51:8ulX2+O10

No, we call it middle school.

If it makes you feel any better, Americans struggle with Japanese too.
maji [sage] 2013/01/15(Tue) 01:55:24.05:Vn2LYKDA0
I'm potato

Everyone!Repeat after me!!!!!!!!!!!

I AM POTATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
maji [] 2013/04/29(Mon) 11:34:52.13:aYKFhxYv0
maji [] 2013/06/04(Tue) 20:27:14.55:KoC1lRR10
die hard
忍法帖【Lv=3,xxxP】(1+0:8) [sage] 2013/06/06(Thu) 12:56:56.08:SAEVzf1Z0
I got tired.
Japanese: Watashi ha taiya ni natta.
忍法帖【Lv=23,xxxPT】(1+0:8) [sage] 2013/06/29(Sat) 15:39:58.48:XA7C+qhg0
How are you?
忍法帖【Lv=26,xxxPT】(1+0:8) [sage] 2013/07/13(Sat) NY:AN:NY.AN:3wYy4ruX0
maji [] 2013/08/30(Fri) NY:AN:NY.AN:MkvnyBl1P
hey ya
maji [] 2013/09/06(Fri) 20:30:30.69:I/9UAlZtO
anal sex


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