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Let's talk with Jim-san in dejima.

maji [sage] 2014/03/08(Sat) 19:39:42.23:qzj8vSJC0
Let's talk with Jim-san in dejima.
This board is English only.

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maji [] 2014/03/08(Sat) 19:43:09.18:IMouuW3Y0
Oh, reall japanese-character not accepted (w. Really Jim will come here?
maji [sage] 2014/03/08(Sat) 19:44:23.04:wLa5MeSw0
Great. but I am wondering he will come here...
maji [sage] 2014/03/08(Sat) 19:47:07.29:wLa5MeSw0
He is in his thread at the Pink. How about sending an invitation.
maji [sage] 2014/03/08(Sat) 19:47:46.14:h7u0q/Rl0
Good job.
maji [sage] 2014/03/08(Sat) 19:48:08.82:0oQ/N5tR0
He'll never never come here.
He became a star.
maji [sage] 2014/03/08(Sat) 19:50:42.60:0NT3ywayO
Nihongo de OK.
maji [sage] 2014/03/08(Sat) 19:54:38.64:IMouuW3Y0
It said in japan "RO~MA-JI" you pupil
maji [sage] 2014/03/08(Sat) 20:09:46.98:EME3UzN40

maji [] 2014/03/08(Sat) 23:21:58.73:It4JqvHQ0
maji [] 2014/03/09(Sun) 00:21:47.87:KPRyZ36q0
What about "RONIN". This words mainly means "fail an exams" in japan.
It's not good sounds in japan, i think.

"TENKA" or "MIKADO" is sounds and looks nice.

1 year MIKADO = "Ichi-nen TEI" (TEI = MIKADO same Kanji character) or
1 month TENKA = "Hito-Tsuki TENKA" umm... It's nice
maji [sage] 2014/03/09(Sun) 01:08:01.04:MntZf4HS0
nice naming!!
maji [sage] 2014/03/09(Sun) 02:22:23.97:TY3cblvu0
come here jim
maji [sage] 2014/03/09(Sun) 09:24:20.01:5MYxJFjW0
C'mon!! AGNES!!
maji [sage] 2014/03/09(Sun) 23:04:08.62:64xGQK350

Code Monkey ★ [] 2014/03/09(Sun) 23:32:48.58ID:???0
Hello everybody.
maji [sage] 2014/03/09(Sun) 23:33:50.80:HMuY9eUI0

Hello How are you?
Grape Ape ★ [] 2014/03/09(Sun) 23:33:54.44ID:???0
Hi Guys. I just saw your thread invitation.
maji [sage] 2014/03/09(Sun) 23:34:51.56:HMuY9eUI0

Good evening Jim-san
Thank you for coming.
maji [sage] 2014/03/09(Sun) 23:34:52.95:64xGQK350
Grape Ape ★ [] 2014/03/09(Sun) 23:35:21.50ID:???0

Is sounds good in English. It is an independence word when you translate it. Seems to mean
unemployed though.
maji [sage] 2014/03/09(Sun) 23:38:23.69:HMuY9eUI0

Ronin means
1. unemployed SAMURAI
2. prep school students who failed to pass the entrance exam of university.

Franky speaking, it has only negative meanings.
Grape Ape ★ [] 2014/03/09(Sun) 23:39:55.42ID:???0

We meant it more in a pre Admiral Perry way. Wild unemployed Samurai running around
Japan like Vikings.
maji [sage] 2014/03/09(Sun) 23:43:06.75:HMuY9eUI0

You mean like a Ryoma SAKAMOTO who was very famous. He was a wild, a passionate and a srong fighter.
maji [sage] 2014/03/09(Sun) 23:44:21.89:TY3cblvu0

You are welcome.
Please make yourself at home.
maji [sage] 2014/03/09(Sun) 23:46:04.33:64xGQK350
Negative word? Welcome welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2ch is a cesspool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grape Ape ★ [] 2014/03/09(Sun) 23:48:43.62ID:???0

Or Miyamoto Musashi perhaps. "Perceive that which can't be seen with the eye."
maji [sage] 2014/03/09(Sun) 23:53:10.36:HMuY9eUI0

I got it. C.Bronson in Death Wish.

Thank you
Grape Ape ★ [] 2014/03/09(Sun) 23:54:14.34ID:???0

Yes like that. Our backs are against the wall, have to be like Charles Bronson.
Grape Ape ★ [] 2014/03/09(Sun) 23:58:45.46ID:???0
You guys can ask me to talk to you anytime. I am reading this board often. It makes me laugh.
I enjoy it.
maji [sage] 2014/03/10(Mon) 00:05:07.88:DBuYaZrz0

Thank you, good night.
Grape Ape ★ [] 2014/03/10(Mon) 00:15:54.83ID:???0

Good night
maji [sage] 2014/03/10(Mon) 13:12:49.67:ioD4JLVy0
Good afternoon ,everyone
How are you ? I' enjoyed the lunch, OKONOMIYAKI.

Take it easy !
maji [sage] 2014/03/10(Mon) 16:35:48.90:OJ0aniC+0
No prob.

Thanks man:-)
maji [sage] 2014/03/10(Mon) 17:43:56.92:ioD4JLVy0
Good evening
Do you plan to renovate MARU board: ttp://ikura.2ch.net/maru/
I think it is a good place for you to provide some benefits for customer
of ROUNIN because the user can only post here. And it is time you would change the name of this board.

Just now this board is used for a check of login and increase the capacity of NINPOUCYOU.
This is wasteful of a precious resource.

This board has a great potentiality to improve ROUNIN service.
maji [] 2014/03/13(Thu) 13:21:21.33:/YL3NYOw0
maji [te] 2014/03/14(Fri) 08:28:44.03:dVuapcnN0
maji [] 2014/03/14(Fri) 08:36:15.36:dVuapcnN0
hi Im so bored right now
maji [sage] 2014/03/14(Fri) 22:45:49.32:u5Mi4Orr0
maji [sage] 2014/03/30(Sun) 01:23:47.94:L0CeVvfw0
maji [sage] 2014/04/13(Sun) 21:58:04.50:uArgV5sN0
What is "January Ronin?"
maji [sage] 2014/04/14(Mon) 00:33:37.03:Ezivxzk60
Grape Ape ★ [] 2014/04/14(Mon) 01:02:58.57ID:???0
Good evening guys
maji [] 2014/04/14(Mon) 01:11:09.96:34PdMHgR0
good midnight Jim-san
maji [sage] 2014/04/14(Mon) 01:11:12.83:eHBJmwE20

good evening jim-san
hows going everything?
Grape Ape ★ [] 2014/04/14(Mon) 01:14:19.84ID:???0

I am having a nice evening. I am working on a new song, and just chatting online.
maji [sage] 2014/04/14(Mon) 01:18:28.08:eHBJmwE20

new song? what kind of?
maji [sage] 2014/04/14(Mon) 01:44:48.10:ROrBEa5r0

Grape Ape ★ [] 2014/04/14(Mon) 02:26:30.78ID:???0

Something upbeat, just a piano tune.
maji [sage] 2014/04/14(Mon) 02:39:56.27:eHBJmwE20

sounds beautiful!
i love piano line too.
you dont sleep well from last night ,dou you?
you can take a rest till the market will open.
maji [] 2014/04/14(Mon) 03:03:10.02:AQ8nx+fr0
I love you.
Please marry me.
Grape Ape ★ [] 2014/04/14(Mon) 23:12:44.21ID:???0

Thank you.
I will plug my midi in and play for a while. If it sounds good I will record it for you.
Grape Ape ★ [] 2014/04/15(Tue) 20:58:40.95ID:???0

I will take a rest tonight. I am feeling a little tired.
maji [sage] 2014/04/15(Tue) 21:35:28.66:RYVpSTTj0
Jim-san ,take care
maji [sage] 2014/04/16(Wed) 00:22:25.33:+oqR57xs0

jim-san, you carried out a great work for the last few days!!
good night. sleep well:)
Grape Ape ★ [] 2014/04/16(Wed) 01:09:01.37ID:???0
I had to wake up.
Grape Ape ★ [] 2014/04/16(Wed) 02:06:15.84ID:???0
Good night
maji [] 2014/04/17(Thu) 13:20:30.52:i0sWQGE20
maji [] 2014/04/17(Thu) 20:47:11.88:lQLStvla0
Good job
I know you can do it
maji [sage] 2014/04/29(Tue) 05:06:42.72:7L6cwELk0
Wow. He's calling himself with the san honorific suffix.
What a self-conceited douche.
Grape Ape ★ [] 2014/05/11(Sun) 17:13:11.12ID:???0
I hope to be recycled often.
Grape Ape ★ [] 2014/05/11(Sun) 18:01:22.33ID:???0
We are going to try to be more aggressive in improvements.
maji [sage] 2014/05/11(Sun) 21:29:02.40:bsdOHrv20
you wish
maji [] 2014/05/12(Mon) 22:41:31.69:DIvEKX5V0
fix them
Grape Ape ★ [] 2014/05/15(Thu) 10:35:26.17ID:???0

We will do our best.
Grape Ape ★ [] 2014/05/22(Thu) 14:32:44.55ID:???0
I am sorry about all the server problems. We are trying to improve hardware, and increase
security to benefit the users. I am sorry for the inconvenience while we make things better.
maji [sage] 2014/05/24(Sat) 02:01:49.50:Ty1Yl3NR0
I appreciate your work.
Thank you, Jim-san and all the staff.
maji [sage] 2014/08/21(Thu) 03:44:07.80:yZsW8Rns0
koe-naki koe ni chikara wo
maji [] 2014/09/02(Tue) 21:20:36.03:wwoNKAat0
Give love for the age without love
maji 転載ダメ©2ch.net [sageteyon] 2014/10/31(Fri) 23:59:05.75:s9GKW7G80
Takahiro Karasawa
maji [] 2015/01/10(Sat) 23:28:59.49:8R5JfOPE0
What happen?
Please fix the servers as soon as possible
maji [] 2015/02/17(Tue) 00:41:59.83:ag5JjwWy0
fuck Jim
maji [sage] 2015/06/03(Wed) 05:09:53.16:vXFj7ZRn0
maji [] 2015/10/27(Tue) 20:16:02.80:3omDScJI0
maji [] 2015/11/18(Wed) 14:28:11.31:Cce1DzhJ0
maji [sage] 2016/11/08(Tue) 01:05:54.27:PynldRhV0
you really dicide to ban no-id thread in livejupiter and news4vip? noooooooooooo


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